Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dewy Skin | Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation

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Actually my earlier plan was doing a foundation review but ended up doing a make up tutorial LOL. I was quite obsessed with Taeyeon's look that moment, so I was like "why not?" Hence, I am here to do a quick foundation review instead.

Back to the main purpose of this post, if you have been a fans of korean K-Drama or even K-Pop idols, and you are an absolute Korean Makeup trend followers, you must be really envy about those singers or actors radiant skin glow, LIKE ME! Looking them on the screen, my heart is jerking like " why all of them look so flawless one? Why their skin look so naturally glowy and healthy one?".

Instead of envy them on the screen, why not I create one for my own haha!
Here I am, introducing the Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Lumizing Fluid Foundation, which is my current favorite foundation as it helps creating most of my daily korean look!

Beside the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid foundation, which is a best foundation for summer, I found the Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation, is so far one of the best foundation in creating korean dewy skin.

The difference of this two foundation was the Lasting Liquid foundation comes in a frosted bottle, while the Luminizing Fluid foundation comes in a clear bottle which best reflecting their respective characteristics.

With the Advanced Sensing Technology, this foundation helps us in achieving a lasting, natural glowy finish effortlessly. It synchronizes with our skin's tone, naturally blend into our skin and maintain our skin moisture levels up to 8 hours, leaves our skin in supple condition and radiant healthy complexion .
The texture of the Luminizing Fluid foundation is rather dilute and serum-like, with some reflective shimmer within. Surprisingly, It blends well into the skin, easily spread and goes on the skin smoothly. Significantly, the foundation is rather light-weight on the skin, the layering is much breathable and thin, it leaves the skin in a much glowy and moisture finish.
On the left, it is a picture of me before application of foundation.
Through the picture, we can clearly observe that the dark circle and red blemishes are rather obvious. The skin texture is rather rough, with bumps and the overall skin tone is rather uneven.

On the right, it is a picture of me after application of foundation.
First impression, my skin looks more even in complexion and smooth. Coverage wise, it is good enough to cover some redness on my skin. Yet, the coverage is buildable after few layers, just perfect to cover the dark circle naturally.

On the left, it is a picture of me with full make up, using Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation as base. Definitely flawless and surprisingly it blends into my skin tone so well even after I have put on a few layers of setting powder.

On the right, it is a picture of me after 10 hours. I have been cafe-hopping and shopping at a total of 3 difference places. Some oil blotting action took place in the middle of hours, as it is a moisturizing foundation, it appeared slightly oily after few hours as compare to some other foundation. Yet, still bearable and it wasn't that overly-oily. Some of the foundation fell off, obviously on the forehead and slightly on the cheek, as I can clearly see my real skin and some red spots appearing in the picture. However, there wasn't any cakey-ness at all! Foundation did not oxidize that badly as comparing to some other cushions that I have used.

Personally, I love this foundation. It is super light-weight on the skin, so breathable, as I am wearing nothing. I really love how it moisture my skin and helps me in achieving that ideal Korean dewy skin.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 30 ml | 1 FL. OZ.
Shades            : 13 colors
Retail Price     : RM170

Moisture         : ★★★★★
Radiant Glow : ★★★★★
Coverage        : ★★☆☆☆
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★☆


  1. I've never think to try Shiseido foundation before. I think the dewy finish looks good on you

  2. I love your dewy finish looks. My Dior foundation is finishing soon. Shall I try out Shiseido then?

  3. Such a great foundation.. Shiseido is always a lovely brand.. Love their foundation..

  4. Shiseido is a good brand... looks good. A must try as I love to try foundation

  5. good to know its nice/suitable for you. I no try this brand yet, shall go their outlet to check out soon :D

  6. Luminizing Fluid foundation looks good on your skin. I want to try it out too.

  7. It does the job, the coverage is descent yet it's not very heavy make-up look.
    Thanks for the recommendation.


  8. I'm using Shiseido haircare products, but yet to try their make up products, this foundation looks like a good try!

  9. So you are telling me the Koreans look like that because of makeup technique eh? But I am amazed that after ten hours, your make up still looked awesome wor!!!

  10. I am using this foundation now, its quite light and blend in so well with my skin tone.

  11. Wow thats nice coverage and luminous. I will check this to our nearest Shiseido counter.

  12. Looks like not bad, but the coverage is not that good as I tot

  13. I love Shiseido products and this definitely looks like a great foundation... worth the investments

  14. Which foundation shade are you wearing?

  15. Thanks for sharing this informative post, nowadays everyone wants to look beautiful because beauty is symbol of Confidence. (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)


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