Sunday, August 6, 2017

Makeup Remover in SPRAY? | WeCoMed

Girls, have you guys ever countered a situation where wearing thick makeup and rocking the whole night, yet you feel extremely tired and exhausted to remove your makeup? You have no choice but drag yourself to the washroom, cleaning your makeup with cotton and remover part by part, step by step. Endless time and your sleepiness haunt you so so much. 
Here's the rescue for you - the WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover, a remover in spray mist form. It is common to see makeup remover in gel, cream, liquid or even balm form. Yet, unlike the usual one, WeCoMed Magic Makeup remover is actually a gentle remover in spray mist form, that effectively remove all traces of makeup.

I love the packaging itself so so much. Everything in turquoise shade and minimal. Not much of huge fonts, not much of highlight, yet clearly convey its message of being Paraben Free.
Texture & Scent: 
It comes in the form of mist that end up with watery liquid finish, just like water. It doesn't come with any strong fragrance, yet some sort of medical scent which is bearable.

Shake well before use. 
Spray a generous amount of your faces or any part with makeup. Then, wipe off with cotton. To remove waterproof makeup on particular areas, like eyes or lips, you may just spray on the cotton and be hold the damped cotton on your eyes or lips.
This is a picture before and after removing makeup with WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover. In a wipe, the brows, eye shadow and foundation are well cleansed yet waterproof eye liner and lip tint are partially cleansed only.

Personally, I love how quick it removes my makeup, in just a spray. The spray is gentle that doesn't cause any harshness on the skin and it gives a cooling sensation to my skin. It is good that it doesn't cause any stickiness or oiliness on my face, it leaves my skin soft and fresh. However, it doesn't impress me well on how effectively it removes all the makeup on my face. The mist of the face dries up pretty quickly and I have to go for second/ third spray.
It is indeed a good item to carry around for travel, but only works well on simple light makeup. Else you will need to double cleanse your face.

WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover
Size                   : 60ml
Price                 : RM60
Effectiveness   : ★★★
Stickiness         : ★★
Oiliness            : ★☆☆☆☆

For more information, please feel free to check out WeCoMed on Facebook | Website.


  1. So convinient to just spray like that to remove make up.. I'm going to love this product...

  2. Such interesting product! I have always wanted something like this. Definitely going to check it out!

  3. woww.. 1st impression of this product that i love is.. the color of this product! so nice! and like really wanna try this next shopping.. hehe

  4. good to know of this as my first time to know this brand.
    makeup remover is important for us to remove makeups.

  5. I might take your words on the spray and try it out myself. I love to play and practice make up so a quick spray will certainly assist me.

  6. Owh! I want this kind of makeup remover. So easy to use.

  7. I like makeup remover which isn't oily, will keep this in mind.

  8. I like its convenience but as you said, it wasn't that effective in some parts. Also, I am afraid of the spray with makeup get into clothes.

  9. This looks super convenient. I am looking for a good make up remover as I use waterproof and kiss proof lipstick.

  10. This is so cool! I really need this, it such a convenient product to use. The thing is, the price is lil bit pricy, otherwise, it was a good invention.

  11. I going to grab this. I don't like other makeup remover as most of it oily. Now I found this awesome product

  12. Really! I have not try any makeup remover in spray form, going to check out this product.

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