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"No Makeup" Makeup Look | Sugao

Hey all! After tons of travel posting, it's finally back to makeup posting! In this post, I'm going to create a "No Makeup" Makeup Look, featuring cosmetic products from Sugao.
FYI, Sugao (すがお) is known as 素颜 in Japanese, that gives a meaning of unpainted, natural bare face. Sugao is a cosmetic brand that originated from Japan where highlighted the terms of user-friendly color, which is just perfect for makeup newbies and beginner.

For most of the makeup beginners, they used to worry about over-painting their face with makeup, yet Sugao cosmetic line is good for start up as most of the products come in light weight texture and breathable finish, while all the colors come in neutral tone.
"No Makeup" Makeup Look
Yup! Here goes my version of "No Makeup" Makeup Look with products from Sugao.
Here's a picture before and after makeup, where I used only 4 products in total to create this look, including eye shadow (will not be featured in this post), Sugao Air Fit CC Cream, Sugao Cheek and Lip and Sugao Lip Tint. Simple, fast and easy!

Step 1: Sugao Air Fit CC Cream
Sugao Air Fit CC Cream
Apply Sugao Air Fit CC Cream Smooth SPF 23 PA+++ in shade #2 Pure Ochre on your face after applying moisturizer. CC cream helps to color correct your skin tone while cover up the blemishes, smoothen the skin and blur out the imperfections.
  • Sun Protection SPF 23 PA+++
  • Oil Control (Silky Matte finish)
  • Fragrance free
  • Alcohol free

Texture and scent:
It comes in fluffy souffle like texture which turns from light cream texture to powder matte finish
If you ever wonder what does souffle texture looks like, just try to imagine, eating fluffy cotton candy that melts in your mouth, with a moist touch when it attaches with water. Like mousse!
Normally, I will squeeze out some cream on the back of my hand and put a few dots on my face, then blend them out with a cushion sponge. Sugao Air Fit CC Cream is super easy to blend out evenly, as it doesn't dry up that fast nor patchy, moreover, it is build-able. In order to cover up your dark circle, apply another layer focusing at the under eye will do.
Surprisingly, I don't feel anything on my skin after the application. It is so lightweight that really claims the term "air fit breathable finish" on skin. The finish is definitely matte and silky smooth, which give a feeling like you have already applied some light loose powder on your skin after foundation, while there is still some healthy radiant glow within.

In terms of the shade, the cream itself actually looks slight darker than my skin tone, yet after blending out, surprisingly it blends so well and naturally with my skin.

In terms of the coverage, it doesn't work really well, as it doesn't cover most of my scarring and blemishes. But hey, air fit formula, don't expect much when you opt for the most natural look haha. Anyway, it is still buildable.

Sugao air fit cc cream Smooth SPF 23 PA+++
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 25g
Benefit            : Air Light & Breathable Finish, Color Correct, Oil Control, Matte Finish
Retail Price     : RM69.90

Moisture         : ★★☆☆☆
Breathable     : ★★★★★
Coverage        : ★★☆☆☆
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★★

Step 2: Sugao Cheek and lip
Sugao Cheek & Lip
Apply a little blusher with Sugao Cheek & Lip in shade #natural red on the cheek, to help boosting the overall look. Enhancing our face, making it more energetic and less pale. 
With the hybrid formula, it comes in 2-in-1 function that you can use it for both cheek and lips.
Texture and scent:
I can hardly explain the texture as it is actually alike to the CC cream one, yet this is something like jelly/gel that turns into powder finish. The scent of the whole tub is quite unpleasant, which slightly smells like the burned plastic. I wonder its the scent of the tub itself instead of the product.

For my very first impression, there is some remaining residue while doing the blending motion, something chalky that definitely need a few more blend. Yet it is very easy to blend out and the finishing is super natural, as in we are really blushing, with a tiny rosy blush on the cheek.
A tiny amount is just enough. Apply it on the cheek, and slowly blend out by dapping them around. Lastly, use the cushion which you used to apply cc cream, directly coat on the blusher. This action helps to create a much soft and natural blush.
I really love how it turns out, it is so natural. It is exactly how I look when I flush in red under the hot sun!

Sugao Cheek and lip
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 6.5g
Benefit            : Air Light & Breathable Finish, Soft and Natural Blush, Can be used on Lips and Cheek
Retail Price     : RM59.90

Moisture         : ★★☆☆☆
Breathable     : ★★★★☆
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★☆

Step 3: Sugao lip tint
Sugao Lip Tint
As a final touch, apply Sugao Lip Tint in shade #apricot pink on lips.
Texture and Scent:
The texture is pretty milky and watery. It is very easy to glide on and doesn't dry up swiftly that leaving a mark/tint on. Easy to blend out. It comes with no scent.
It is quite lightweight, as I doesn't really feel the lip tint on my lips, nor leaving any stickiness behind.
To create gradient effect, you may just apply the lip tint at the center of the lips and blend outwards using your finger.
For my personal opinion, I quite love the formulation of this lip tint itself and it doesn't dry up the lips. It gives a hint of translucency on the lips which make the lips plumpy and juicy. As Sugao used to highlight ' natural bared' look, the lip tint shade is pretty pale when it fully dries up, as it blends into our own lip color, not really vibrant in shade. You may need to build up a few layer.

Sugao lip tint
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 4.7ml
Benefit            : Air Light & Breathable Finish, Translucent Plumpy Lips, Natural Tone
Retail Price     : RM45.90

Moisture           : ★★★☆☆
Transfer-proof : ★★★☆☆
Long-Lasting    : ★★☆☆☆

Review (After 7 hours)

Here's a picture before and after 7 hours. 
I was really surprised as the CC Cream works so well that it didn't turn patchy or chalky at all after hours, just oily around the T-zone area but the other areas are still perfect and flawless. The blushes still stayed on the skin. Whereas for the lip tint, it didn't stay long, I still need to do a few touch up, as the color will slowly fade off after eating/drinking. I have put on some lip balm to make my lips look more dimensional. Overall is good! Will definitely repurchase the CC Cream!

That's all of my "No Makeup" Makeup Look and I hope you guys like it! This look is just perfect for makeup beginners, as it is so natural and 'lighweight'  :) The breathable and air fit formula is amazing!
For more information, feel free to check out Sugao on
Sugao Malaysia Facebook Page:
Sugao Official Website:

Sugao cosmetic products are also available in Watsons outlet nationwide.


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