Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beginning of Form 6's life~*

This was my 1st day to attend for Form 6.
it's an beginning of my Form 6 life

i really looking forwards for my Form 6 school.
but it seems nothing new and different
still need to wear uniform
(white top,black bottom)
thick reference books..
(almost 2-3 books for each subject)

how was it?
when i enter the school,
the school was huge,
have many blocks,
big field with grass,
canteen with many foods(I love THIS),
many gardens
everything was fine!
the toilet door and wall is short(like me?!)
the stairs steps is small too..

besides..our lower 6 life..
something which is so awesome
girls need to SHARE the toilet with boys!LOLx
extremely TERRIBLE!

the school almost have just a few numbers of chinese students..
so sad of it!
NO handsome boys somore..
my eyes will blind!

well...for my information..
our science stream lower 6..
i think we have almost less than 10 students..Zzzz
most of the students..from my school and from my class..
for the continuos years we will still being together..
to struggle for our STPM

its so happy..
because when someone ask u after the exam..
"which place u get in your class?"
proudly we answered"the 10th"
yeah,actually the last one..
but who cares?!
it just content our happiness..wahahah

its so dissapointed ..
because when need public speaking or answer any question.
the percentage the teacher calling u is  HIGH!
it may competitive and tough within this 2 years..
but i will try my very best to score as well as i can
although i still duno what's my ambition yet..
i hope we will enjoy our form 6 life as well
with our aim and happiness
and EXAM

S.O.S:God bless me!


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