Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucky Driving test~*

how u think about it?
maybe u will think that i will fail ..
bad thoughts!

firstly come to my mind.
it was so scary and nervous!
i cant imagine how can i pass my "naik bukit"

we went there to wait for almost half day to take the test
those JPJ were really strict-looking in their uniforms and sunglasses
to your information
i am a Road blind
to me
every road are the same
luckily i passed my on the road section
( was a secret...)

"naik bukit"
which i think was the worst part..
my car went backward when i trying to move forward in the peak
it was so frustrated
how can we drive in  a car which we seldom practice
we dont know how the car was
their cluck and some parts maybe different
from the car we usually practice
fortunately the JPJ was so good and polite
let me PASSED..
actually i failed on tat part the JPJ told me..
luckily he did not ask me to get down from the car..
if not i sure will cry.
u know that i need to carry 2 pillows with me whenever my drives
because my leg cant reach the cluck
it was so embarass
and awkward
to bring those pillows..
everyone watching at me..=(
is it so funny??huh

luckily today i meet all polite JPJ
who will chat with me on the road...
let me pass in "that " way..=p
an uncle help me to settle my seat..
thanks all
i really appreciate it=)
i was so LUCKY!!!
i m going to take my licence very SOOoooon~~~XD
wait for me...=3=
i m coming!
(my friend dun be fear ..haha...i m F1 driver ma)

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