Friday, July 29, 2011

Chency's 18th Birthday~*

Hoo..almost a month 
i did not meet up with my secondary graduated friends!
everyone busy with their school stuff..

back to our topic..
today our main character was Chency!
dang dang dang dang
it was her 18th Birthday!

we decided to celebrate it at One-u
we went to neway~
our birthday girl!
she is pretty rite?=)
Our SNAP snap!=p

we went for games~!

everyone rushed for a ball!
its totally funny
others table already played for 2nd round
but all of us still in 1st round ..
and we just "entered" a ball..

all of us fed up and frustrated
we our hand to "push" the ball enter the hole..haha

new style!=p

we went for Tutti Fruity~

I hope everyone enjoy ur day!=)
Happy birthday Chen!


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