Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rat's killer??

You are WARNED
*18PL(contains bloody and disgusting scene)
 If you are below 18 years old, pregnant, heart disease and hypertensive patient...please stop reading this post!

Rat's killer?   Rat's murderer?
Actually..i am not going to discuz all about those rat poison or pesticides or rat bait with you

As a science student ,you should be well-prepared for all those "experiments"
and it is just a part in our scientific studies
Don't feel its like cruel or cold blooded!

whenever u conduct any experiment which involved "life killing"
please take it serious and examine it properly so they are worth to death
 Let's Begin..
Reminder : Gloves and masks are a must during experiment!

step 1:  fix the position of the rat with pins
step 2:  cut its skin(its actually just like a animal fur coat)
step 3: inner sheath was with  flesh( muscle)
step 4: cut it again carefully,then u will be exposed to all the inner organs
teacher demonstrated us the steps on how to dissect the rat

Now,its our turn!Let's Move!
 Chia,a girl who conduct the experiment without any emotion!LOL
 Khangling,such a brave girl!
who was excited and looking forward to the experiment
Moreover, she is full of curiosity and determined

 Elvene,such a pity girl,
who fear and worried all the night before the experiment
luckily ,after crying ,she felt better! and thus ,we help her to conduct the experiment
(By the time,the rats started to stink,its really an indescribably smell,just like crops?)

Our senior ,who are full of "experiences"
Athavan,who is the serial killer,haha
(the one which i handling was the tail of the rat,we cut it off)

If you are my blog readers,
its assure tat u will know that i wont miss out our "camwhore part"!
Photos shared!

1. flesh of the body part,which covered the organ and also the rib cages
3.Rat head( flesh without skin) ,u can see the eyes are actually transparent 
5. Rat skin and flesh (head) separated

Parts of organs :Lungs, heart, liver, rib cage, large intestine..
all of our hand full of BLOOD
experiment done!
Reminder: make sure u wash your hand before leaving the lab!

thankiew for reading my blog post!
and continue reading it!

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