Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011♥

evreryone blogged about their last day of 2011
so i am here to blog about it tooo =P

what can i say now??
GOODBYE 2011!!!

its so freaking soooooon!!!

i just taken my SPM result on March
then my dad passed away on June
Continued by my Form 6 intake
Form 6 exam ended
my wife took his SPM
Attended his school Prom
Countdown on Christmas with my friends

then TODAY is the end of this YEAR
yayy..2012 is coming soon
and i should said goodbye for those unhappy memories on this year
and I AM GOING TO BE 19 on tomorrow(shit!!!)
but i dont think i look old LORR!=P

Time flies (Proven)

tomorrow we should start counting the days till the world end

So,i have did some pretty changes on my hair
Long hair
new hairstyle for a new year

and its short now ..Yayyy..
by the way i love my hair now
i know i am old,
anyway i still wanna act YOUNG..okay?!
here the photos
Or u like the curly one ?? lol
short hair can be sexy one!

 i'm sexy and i knew it!LOL
 u know what?
the benefits of having short hair
shampoo wasted
need long time to dry your hair
hair falls (reduced)
look mature/old

i am not here to criticize or judge any of the long hair lovers
its just my opinion
sorry if i have make any one of the long hair gals annoyed =/

Hello 2012
end of the world??LOL
so appreciate every single day u still alive!
and a song i am hereby to attach
"Start of Something New"

i hope everyone will live a better life on 2012!!!

P.s: You know what ?
later i am going to countdown again with my friends!
at ENCORP strand

No Alcohol ( i'm the driver) :(

meet you guys there!



  1. Hope 2017 is good so far for you.


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