Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My 1st bouquet of roses on Valentine's day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day readers!!! =D

How's your valentine?

i guess,
some must be sweet as they be with their beloved one
celebrating Valentine's day together
some students must be spending Valentine at home with tons of homeworks
some single one must be hanging out with their friends

So..I am going to blog on my Valentine's day
hehe =D
actually i am now Nerd-ing at home with works =(

i spent my day yesterday
it's valentine's eve
and i went out with kok weng, my "Ho Heng Dai"  :)
here's the story ..
 my partner of the day :)
 I was really shock when
This bouquet of roses bumped out in front of me
OMG!! i was so suprised!! >@<
(as i thought he was just simply kidding in the phone LOL)
this was my first bouquet of roses which i received
and it was my first time spending my valentine's day with a boy? huh? =P
issit counted as dating?LOL

later on, we having dinner by the lake at Restuarant Louisiana, Kelana Jaya
The silence of the night
it's pretty windy that night and it dizzy for a while
*it was freaking cold honestly, luckily i brought my blanket with me LOL*
there's quite amount of people dining there 

 The food there are quite nice and the view/ atmosphere are absolutely great
*strongly recommended for couple :) *
non-couple will be expel LOL *kidding*

 after dinner, we off to Loudspeaker :)
as you know, singing and camwhoring are parts of my life :D

 before 10.30pm this guy forced me to get off from my cozy K-room :(
some more let me to drive his car!
lol..it's crazie rite??
*my round face..like a bowl...AWWW* (¬_¬)

(actually is the photographer problem LOL) =P

hehe...its going to be the end of this valentine's post
i hope that the following year i will spend my valentine's day with my "boyfriend " (if i can get one )
or my friends :)

This photo, i purposely asked my brother to capture for me..
haha! as a Memory! =D
i bet this wont be the last bouquet of roses..
if not... ='(
i'll cry die LOL
i wanna "shriek out " a very big THANK YOU to my partner, kok weng 
i was really enjoy with it
Thank you for the dinner
thank you for the roses
thank you for the accompany
and everything, sincerely...
i cant express my feeling using thousand of words
but i know you will understand , my friend :)
this was a amazing night and fantasy dinner!
Thank You again!! =')
i will remember this night and everything

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