Monday, February 6, 2012

Thanks for loving me

"Flames to dust

Lovers to friends

Why do all good things come to an end?"

I think most of my friends knew what have happened to me recently
i just broke up with my boyfriend
if you haven get updated with this
you may
"oh..why like that??"
"i'm so shocked"
"what's problem with them?"
"is it serious?"

"She change boyfriend again??"
oh well..i do care if your mind first pop out with this question!
*this question simply mean that i am such a play girl
and who love to fool around with guys*
Please dont ever judge me in this way

if you never know what have happened to us
and what we have been through

If you are simply EX or any other admirer of..
you think i am damn so happy with this decision??HUH?
i tell you, you will never know what's my feeling
please shut your fuck mouth off
and get off from my blog
Never ever try to humiliate me with your stupid thoughts! I am dead serious
well..i am not going to talk about all this..
later on i may  be moody again..

back to the main purpose of writing this post,
thanks all my friends who care about me
I know you guys love me so much :(
i am really so touch when i received those messages and 
some of my friends who consoled me
some calls from my friends
*sob sob*
so happy that i have all of you
i love you guys so much!
I am fine dudes ,no worries :)
i just need time

oh..another sad thing is
"where's my Valentine's day??"
#Forever alone again
no date,no flowers, no presents, no dinner with candles, all romantic scene i watched on drama..>~<


to XD ,
i hope you know why i made this decision
and how tough for me to made this decision

the days we've been through
although we cant meet that often
but so far we have created a lots of happy memories
i will never forget what we have been through these few months

i think this decision is good and fair to you and also "...."

and lastly
i am really happy that we still friends :) 
i am always here for you
..thanks for loving me..
i will remember you whenever i hear this song


ended up this post with this photo =D
lets have a new beginning =)
i am super -Unique


  1. Cheer up ! :D When you need a friends, can find me ! :D I'm not bad too xD Eventhough we just know each other yesterday, But i don't care ! :D Friends should care each other ! :) Is not say something bad to you :) If a friend really care about you, they won't say something like this de :) Just don't care about them :D Be a new you ! :D you are PRETTAY ! <3 He don't want you but i want you ! :D So, Just cheer up and take it as a experience ! :) Be Happy Lah ! :D Happy only pretty ! :D Remember , Happy ! :DD

  2. thanx babe<3 u're such a sweet and caring gal...
    its nice to have such a fren like u=)
    i will be strong =D

  3. Wow, you got strong words here.

    Sometimes, you don't even need to explain everything to some people out there, specially when you are on the internet, they will mostly ignore your explanations.

    Just remember that you understand that your right choice and be happy for it. You will never know how many good days lies ahead and waiting for you.

    Sometimes, a simple smile will means everything. Take care!

  4. yeah...there's such person with stupid-minded ..
    like to guess on no things...makes something which is true become wrong and inversely
    i do hope a smile can solve everything
    but sometimes pain lies behind a smile
    anyway,thanx for your words, i do appreciate:)

  5. You put a smile to cover your sad face in front of your love one's means you are brave enuff to handle things on your on(maybe).

    At least you make them, simply happy. So, keep on fighting towards your dream!

  6. welcome ! :) Just be yourself that's all :) Don't care what they say :) Mouths is theirs :) They like to say what then what :) Just remember that what you doing now that's all ! :) Since they like to say , they sure got revenge de :)


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