Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get a Parallel eyelid from TODAY

Such a long get away again..
It's a grandmother story..

Once upon a time............

Since the view for my last blog entry about PLASTIC SURGERY  was such a blast.
so i manage to write another blog entry on how to get a Parallel eyelid
If u ever read through girls' magazines such as Popteen, Vivi, Mina just to name a few...
You may almost overwhelm by those girls' eyes--- Breathtaking
Those eyelids was amazingly  paralleled and they look so sophisticated in make up.
With parallel eyelid, your eyes will look bigger and it will be easier for you to apply eyeshadow with any colors

Let's start our tutorial:

So, i am using double eyelid tape as i recommended on last blog entry..
i prefer using that because i find it more easier and it may create a real double eyelid in a long way after you using it.

This is a photo before applying any make-up and double eyelid tape. (just contact lenses)
actually i have inner eyelid, but i can't get enough and prefer parallel eyelid..
i know it's kinda freak you out LOL 

Have you guys spotted any changes har? My HAIR! 
I have my short bang again! i cut it myself since last 2 weeks, even my friends have not seen my bang before xD
Firstly, get yourself a pack of double eyelid tape from SASA ,
if not mistaken it is within RM10
Second, simply estimate and measure an ideal parallel eyelid using the stick given in the pack
 Suggestion: Not to be too greedy if you are a beginner, just above your own eyelid is enough
 Third, peel off the sticker carefully with the stick
 Then, apply it slightly below your ideal eyelid like this
you may adjust the sticker
 Fourth, put the stick above the sticker and poke it inward carefully,
firm the sticker nicely with the stick
Lastly, tadaaa...this is the parallel eyelid.
This is how it looks when i close my eyes, not that obvious actually just a firm LINE
 Before & After
This is the photo with both parallel eyelid(without make-up)
you may try for few times to find out your ideal eyelid
Kindly recommend that applying fake lashes may open up your eyes, support your ideal eyelid and create a 3D view
and these are the lashes i use. two layers . you will look glamorous

It is with transparent stem and it is given more focus at the end of lashes

This is the result!

Taaaadaaaaa, i am all done! kindly share to your friends who would like to have parallel eyelid too =D

PS: all the photos here are non-edited on the eyes' part


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