Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Man-Magnet

--------------------------------------            First Blog Assignment             --------------------------------------------

“What are my 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex?”

First impression is always the best way to attract a man/woman
Most of us prefer judging a person we first met from their physical appearance, so, to be a Man-Magnet

Firstly, DRESS yourself up
Dress appropriately in suitable condition, avenue and time.
For example, never wearing T-shirt and jeans/ sports attire when ever you are going to attend a formal dinner
Keep yourself in tidy attires, if you are going to wear a shirt, make sure it is well-ironed.
It seems like a job interview, you will impress the judges by the way you dress,neat and tidy

Keep yourself in a fresh-look
Never put on thick make-up,this will scare away all the guys
they maybe be afraid you will look extreme different after putting off your make-up 
For example, super thick eyeliner (using marker-pen?) , ten-inches of foundation and hyper extensive lashes with both upper and lower lashes, it will make you look more alike with the doll which is flawless 
instead of human being

A simple thin inner eyeliner, curl your lashes with thin layer of mascara and nude pink lip balm is more than enough
This will boost up your confidence too!

Set up your hair nicely  
Giving you an additional marks on first impression!
This may draw attention from man as setting your hair and appropriate dress up show how you treat the event that you attend, with passion and meticulous.

Make sure you have a good sense in dressing!
Never wearing all the colors on you
i don't think a guy will love to date a water-color plate/ Christmas tree!

      keep it simple and comfortable.
Always hang a massive smile on your face!
This will make you look friendly and polite.So that the guys dare to talk to you and tend to maintain a long conversation with you.

Be a good listener and trustworthy person 
so that this will favor the guys spill their problems to you or sharing their joy/sadness .

Never talk or behave in a rude way. This will cut down their impression marks towards you!
For example, never eat in a gross way like the way you eat at home though you are really very hungry (about to fake yourself in front of guys)
In my experience, never included harsh words (#%#@%*&^#@F*) in a conversation , guys really hate it

Be fun and outgoing,
so that guys will always be happy when ever hanging out with you .
I do think that guys do not like to hang out with a lame woman.
Never stick to your smartphone/ camera all the time. This will make no advantage and can't even start up a conversation with guys. 

Be noticeable and meticulous!
be alert with guys around you, what is their interest, remember their name, etc.
This will touch up a little space in guys' heart.Because it shows your caring too .

Lastly,  keep yourself CLEAN & CLEAR
Make sure you washed your hair!
Never appear in front of guys that you first met with oily and fully dandruff-ed hair.
it will make yourself look disgusting and irritating when you are trying to do some hair-clawing actions.
Try on some anti-dandruff shampoo if you are having this problem.

keep your hair in a healthy condition, smooth and silky.
This will be a great temptation for guys!(they are always fond of long straight and smooth hair)
Keep your teeth white and stay away from bad breath!
I don't think that a guy will like to have a conversation with you if you are having bad breath
Or fall for your massive smiles during first met, as your are showing those yellowish "stuff" on your teeth. Never embarrass yourself in this way.

Stay away from oily and pimples face!
This will boost up the breeding of pimples on your face , even make you look worst when taking photos(reflection of oil on your face @@) 
it's better to equip yourself with oil sheets or make use of the tissue papers.

Equipped yourself with some perfumes.
To prevent any unpleasant smell after you sweat! Especially for those with high metabolism rate and they sweat easily!

Never develop some bad habits.
For example, biting fingernails (seems like engulfing thousand of germs and virus)
I don't think that guys prefer some finger-cutting machine
Digging your nose or even using a toothpick to "do something" on your teeth when having meal , etc.

Keep your clothes and belongings clean.
make sure there is no dirty stain or lipstick stain on your clothes.


That's all the tips to become a Man-magnet! Good luck =D


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