Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have been thru so many things in the past few years.....

well, I am just 19
and i thought myself is an experienced old people

you may get to know that the people around you maybe different from what you've seen from them
whenever we grow, followed by age, we will see all type of haters

we have come across with some situations

Between class mates,We compete with each other secretly
we will verify whether our friend does her studies anot by asking her insincerely
A:"Ei, yesterday you got study anot?"
B:"No leh, tired lah, felt so sleepy when i tried to open my book"
A:"I also didn't study at all leh, later sure die la"
B:"yalo, yalo, die together lo"

does this conversation sounds familiar?
it's always happening.

when result are announced,
A have a flying colors while B don't.
B:"thought she said she never study?"
C:"maybe she cheated"
D:"maybe she got study ,she lied to you"
E:''why she like that one, so fake"
F:"she is a liar"
G to Z :"...."

who knows the truth actually,

Between friends,
when we saw a couple,
A:"ei, i heard they have sex before"
B:"i heard that the girl have lotsa EX before that"
C:"i saw they kiss at the corridor there"
D:"they are so disgusting leh"
E:"the girl is so open"
F:"i think the girl is very realistic one, she always couple with rich guy"
G to Z: "..." 

Between best friends,
A and B are "good friends", but then they have a fight later that
A:"ei, i told you, i really hate B la sometimes, she did this and that, it's annoying lah"
C:"i thought you guys are best friends?"
A:"can't bear it, i have my limit, i told you the story and her secret"
A and C:"..."

Between newly met friends,
A:"why is she acted that we are so close"
B:"she is so cheap la"
C:"so fake"
D:"she is so realistic, we are so rich, that's why she wanna be friend with us"
E:"who does she think she is, trying to friend with one of us"
F to Z:"..."

On social networks,
A have lotsa "likes" for her profile picture, A have lotsa friends on Facebook
B:"why is she so famous one?"

C:"ei, her face is okay only, why there's so many likes for her profile picture?"
D:"Are her friends blind?"
E:"she is fake enough to have so many friends"
F:"maybe she opened hundred accounts to add her own self on FB"
G:"ask her to take off her make up and let's see how many like she get again"
H to Z:"..."

Between colleagues,
A: "why the boss likes her so much"
B:"maybe she slept with the boss"
C:"it's so unfair"
D:"i saw both of them have dinner last night"
E:"i saw they whispered in the office"
F to G:"..."

Between EX,
A:''i broke up with her when i saw her text, she flirt with another guy"
B:''wow, it's ridiculous, how come she is this kinda person?"
C:"har? seriously ar? That means she is a playgirl?"
D:"she is a slut?"
E to Z:"..."

Haters are scary, as they like to talk behind one's back
Haters are backstabber, they may betray you one day
Haters are realistic,unnecessary dignity
Haters are professional actors, they like to act in front of you
Haters are cocksure, they are self-centered
Haters are haters, they always jealous and love to judge on someone unnecessarily
Haters are story editor, they are too imaginative to make story of you
Haters are speaker, they like to spread rumors
Haters are unpredictable, as they may hurt you anytime

Haters are free, they like to spend times to talk about others

There are haters around us in many forms. 
Sometimes we are able to identify them but sometimes we are not. 
But if we develop the mentality that haters are in fact our admirers, it would cause no harm. 
‘Hating is the sincerest from of flattery “says a proverb. 
There are various reasons to hate a person and at times, haters do not have a reason at all to hate others. They do it just for the sake of hating others. 
But hating a certain name only gives them fame. 
Whether a person loves you or hates you, you are in their minds. 
But haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be. 
So, it is only an expression of adoration they have for you. 
In fact, when someone hates you, it gives a sense of motivation to achieve more in life and stand upright in front of them. 

Do not hate your haters.

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