Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye 2012, Hello 2013!

A review of what i've done within this year
[just make it simple and short]

For Reminiscence purpose

On January,
we have our own "lou sang" party in the class!
so happy only!
Miss this scene so much :')

Plus, Khangling farewell party wtf
she was leaving us to Penang to search for her true love
Link: here

On February,
I've received my very first bouquet of roses during Valentine's day!
and a fabulous dinner by the lakeside!
Link : here

On March,
i went to I-city!
First experience on some snowy place!
though it's fake one!
No link for this LOL
Just some of the photos on Facebook
but i locked my profile xD

On April,
I have my first camping experience with my friends (which i never blog about it)!
so lucky that our group won the first prize lol
Besides,It's my first time to be on the Magazine also LOL
show you guys some photo here

 The "Fish MAG" lol

Sat like a boss lor
LMAO now only i realized that i am so photogenic without make up too :p

On May,
i have my most satisfied BBQ party ever at my teacher's place!
Cheering with our champagne :D
This is the love between teacher and students
Then, a great teacher's day celebration!
i think this was my first time attending teacher's day during schooling time haha
because it's the last year meh
The day which we spent most money also lah ..LOL
for those gifts

On June,
I have a surprising 19th Birthday!
I've got amazing gifts from my friend, kok weng!
Link: here

 I went to Aquaria KLCC by the way!

Link: here

On July,
we have our " Curricular Day"
Our creative "war game"

All of us are mad over money lol
We earned about RM250
with very low cost
including unwanted newspapers(from house),card boards(which we asked from shops) and some gifts
besides, it is also very environmental-friendly
we sold all the newspaper and card boards *we earn from that too * 
highly recommended!
those guys really enjoyed them self very much in this game

On August,
We were all crazing with  National's day deco in class!
since we knew winner will get like RM50
we didnt win anyway

And i've experienced a very weird situation
i meant being asked for contact number by a man who is 30+ in age and i dont know him at all
ok lah, since i never snapped a photo with the uncle
Link: here

On October,
We have Ina-Ibaraki Program!
It's a culture exchange program which involved Malaysia-Japan 
so much fun with them!they are so friendly and tolerate!

 Very soon, it's our Upper Six farewell party!

Brilliant thank you to lower six for preparing such amazing dinner for us :D

Behind the scene LOL, show you all my funny face!
I won the "most fierce senior" LOL

Then, it's our graduation!
It's kinda sad one, don't feel like leaving
perhaps can extend our Form 6 life lol

On November,
we were preparing for our STPM
and have our last class party :'(
I am so sorry that our class hor, always have party one xD
That's why we are all so delightful one

On December,
hmm so many things happened :D
end of STPM
end of school life
end of the world also?

Firstly, i have dyed my hair la :D

Second, i went to Singapore !
my first flight ever also!
link: here (USS)

Then, we have a party right after the exam with fatty!
 just wanna post this photo lo! really love xD

 Later, a home-coming party with Khangling!
Again a party with our beloved teacher, Pn.Felicia at Sunway Pyramid!
you can clearly seen the kinship between us haha!

Besides, i've started my class at ACA
I met lotsa friends at ACA!
and we enjoyed our self so much at a X'mas celebration early!
all the make up students 
Link: here

Lastly, we have a lousy Christmas eve too!
the unplanned one LOL
we went to 6 places with all the FULL seats
so we count down by the roadside with the guard haha!

[PC to weibo]
Well, these were my 2012 memories , how about yours? :)
Happy New Year readers !
Perhaps you guys enjoy your 2012 like me
when ever unhappy things happened throughout 2012, it's okay
don't look back
move on and look forward for a better life in 2013


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