Sunday, February 24, 2013

All-time favorite music album - LeeHom!

No doubts.
i am still a big fan of Leehom
Keep playing his album again and again whenever i am alone, tired or stress

I still remember how i got his very first autograph at his showcase at One-utama
Stuck in the crowd of about 5000 fans
with sweats and toils
The 18 Martial Arts album
This is my favorite and only album that I've ever bought in my 19 years
with LeeHom autograph
yes, i need to keep repeating throughout the blog that i got his autograph
that's why it's my favorite music album ever

His sound is fascinating and i feel like those love song he sing can really heal my soul
i know it sounds abit exaggerating
but it really did on me
when i feel that i am all alone and sad
some of my favorite songs in his album are 天涯海角(Ends of the earth), 需要人陪(Need Someone By Your Side) and 你不知道的事(All the things you never knew)

and a meaningful song named 自己人(One of us)
the lyrics talk about child, war and natural disaster

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