Saturday, February 2, 2013

First backstage! (FHM's Girl Next Door)

Actually nothing much
and sorry that i didn't capture much photos to share with you guys :C

just wanna memorize this moment :D
and share this experience with all of you

This was my very first backstage
over my 19 years
as a make up artist

i was so surprised when i was asked by my guru and instructor
i thought i cant make it
but luckily everything went smooth
and my guru, Jil was satisfied with our works :D

Thanks to my partner, Artisha, been so helpful and caring

As usual,camwhored in the car! On our way to KL

 The FHM's girl next door 2013 event was held at Zouk club,KL!
this is stevensoon susu, one of the ACA graduate make up artist from Time Square branch
 the place was well-decorated with balloons , so pretty omg

the stage before the event started!

 all the contestants!
They were all putting so many efforts in this competition
dance and performed their best
time to announce the winner!
 The winner - ACA graduate Victor Yong! (PC to Amber Chia Academy)

i was so happy that i can made it
made up for the models on time
i was abit surprise that i did complete make up for 3 models within 2 hours
actually we spent 45 minutes on each model during class
Now i spent like 40 minutes la..haha

i will appreciate every opportunity and i will do my best in each job

well, ended this post with this photo
Photo captured with the FHM's girl next door winner!

again, thanks for reading ! :))


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