Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Beach Party

As I mentioned in my previous post, there's lotsa pool parties and recently Kiss Me has hosted a beach party FTW. Non stop wearing bikini and this is really bothering me LOL. I have no good body figure except fats. So before that I was really working out hard, like swim twice a week, that's more than enough for me. Well, the result wasn't that bad I guess.

OMG I have long feet in this picture >~<  *with Carolyn's inspired pose*
Seriously this was the largest beauty event that I have attended so far. The event took place at Sunway Lagoon and with about 40 bloggers! It's also the earliest event, as we need to be there by 8.15am for registration! But then we were still late, reached around 9 something, felt so bad. =(

All of us came with our bared face. Because we were going to apply Kiss Me's make up products during the event, to test its water-proofness and long-lastingness.

Make Up Sessions  

After registration, all of us were gathered at a place to put our make up on! Too bad that none of eye brow's pencil/mascara was provided. But then luckily I have applied at home *evil smile*

Le candid shot, credit to Chocky.

A picture of me before and after applying make up, although my friends said there's not that much different. Yet, I still felt that I looked kinda scary without make up =.=

Opps, here's my babe Chocky, my new friend =)

Game Sessions
After make up and given briefing, all of us were divided into teams and given tasks to execute. It's like an 'Amazing Style' challenge!

Self shot before all the ladies fight to victory!

The game sessions started off with grabbing Kiss Me Sunkillers Perfect Strong in Lake Kariba. 

It's quite fun to watch all the ladies fighting for the sun killers in the pool LOL. 

After applying sun killers on all parts of our body that exposed to the sun, we were given an envelope with all the tasks that we need to complete at respective checkpoint.

We have decided to go for a wet adventure at first.

Checkpoint 1: Waterplexx 5D
It's a wet ride that engages the rider’s sense of sight, sound and touch. You will never know how the water splash, shoot and spray terribly until you try it. We were given a question on 'How many mermaids are there in total?' after the ride. We didn't get it correct as we were too busy avoid our self from getting wet. But then the marshal was too good to pass us *touch*

We were all completely wet after this ride, like seriously damp.

Checkpoint 2: Creepy crawlers
Well, it's the most disgusting zone ever. Although I did a lots of Insects' specimens, but then I still feel that they look really awful, it's like really awwww wtf, especially their segmented body. Each of us need to find 2 alphabet scrabbles in this container filled with mud and also Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. 

Then, spell the word out.

Checkpoint 3: Scariest place on Earth - The Scream Park
A place that really scared all our team mates' ass off haha! All of us shouted like hell at first, but then ended up no feeling. 
But then unexpected funny stuff happened on me. When all of us were about to run out from the haunted house where a zombie chasing after us with an electric saw, someone accidentally stepped on my flip flop and it left with the zombie. I walked back to ask the zombie giving back my flip flop. LOL.

Checkpoint 4: Davy Jone Vessel.. Jump in...
 Bumped into a Pirate ship!!!! Challenge accepted!
See how cheerful were Chency and Chocky, while me and Aud were kinda nervous.. I realized that we were more afraid to death and slowly becoming a coward as we grow older. But then we still dare our self to be on the pirate ship, especially Aud.

Candid shot again by the photographer OMG


See how amazing Kiss Me's products are! It's superb water-proof. We were still looking pretty in pictures after all the water /sweat splashing game sessions!

Pamper Sessions
After all the game session, luckily there's a pamper session! With few make over booths, manicures stations and also photo booth!

Cute cupcakes spotted!

Here's a heaven for all the girls LOL Boomed the booth non-stop and I bet the crews there felt annoying haha! But then who cares, we have FUN!
 Playing with all the props there haha!
I have beard =p

Time to selca with all my bebs =3


Thanks Kiss Me Malaysia and Manoah for the invitations! I have a great time with all the bloggers there! It has been quite a long time for me to laugh, shout in fear and play like a mad one. I feel so young now haha! Moreover, first experience on playing in a water theme park with make up on LOL. Live and create fantasy memories when you are still young, when you are still able to walk and run.

For more information and to check out awesome water-proof products, do visit Kiss Me.


  1. Woah! It is such a happy and fun event!
    You really look no different even if without make up, still very pretty. :D Your new hairstyle and colour suits you a lot! :DDDD

    Just noticed that I still have not follow you at Google Friend Connect ><, I thought I did, yea have followed. xD

    1. Haha! Yea, we had lotsa fun! Thanks for the compliment babe , you look great too :) Teehee, thanks for following :3


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