Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ms. Rosy Tea Party - L'Oreal Paris

After reviewing on L'Oreal Paris White Perfect range, I gonna share the awesome Tea Party I have with my BFF, Ms.Rosy here!
This high tea session took place at Angelic Tea and Scone House, Plaza Damas.
Firstly, all of us were warm welcomed by Ms.Rosy and the Eiffel Tower LOL! I felt I was in Paris wtf.
The place was so well-decorated and suits the themes of #rosyfairness so well. So much of roses were placed around!

 So sweet that they even prepared an amazing place for us to camwhore! I felt that I was in a garden in Paris. It recalled me in an event of Roses De Chloe, they have a Rosie themed event as well.

 So paiseh that I didn't dress up well to suit the theme, because my face itself already looked dolly and princessy haha!

Once we walked into the restaurant, we were all so indulged in the vintage feeling! It could be the best themed high tea session. 

This is Caroline. Love the wall art behind! Both so lovable!
Again to match the theme, the boss even dressed herself up like a doll. I felt she looked like a cute Minnie tho haha!

Vintage utensils were served! Soclassy huh. It's my really first time having such a vintage high tea session with bunch of bloggers.

Acted like an elegant princess in front of the camera LOL

With my dear Jennifer.

Here's the makeover station for girls to pamper themself with L'Oreal's products!

Sarah and Choulyin were having their hair pamper session.

I have my hair done as well, teeheeeeeeeee. Such an adorable lady haha!

Manicure station!
Pick one of your favorite colors!

There's also a craft corner for us to make our own hair accessories with the roses! Creativity challenging huh.

All the ladies squeezed all their brain juice to create their very own and unique hair accessories. Edazz was trying to make a fur-ry one haha!

OMG, so happy that my Rosie Hairband got so many good comments. I am shy. =p

 Lastly, the portrait sketching corner by Mr. D'wen.

While waiting in a queue for a sketch, I got to kepoh around and snapped pictures! Here's Sabrina, my new blogger friend.

I got my own selfie as well from Mr. D'wen! But the sketch it self looks much more prettier than me lol. I used to have one 10 years ago, but I don't know where I dumped the sketch already:(

 Before leaving, of course I need to snap some pictures and selfie LOL

 Ended up this post with a picture of me, Edazz and *sorry, I don't know her name* =0

For more information, do visit L'Oreal Paris Malaysia.


  1. aw, so pinkish and so girlish. love it.

    1. Yea, it's a really good place to dine and high tea and selca LOL check out at Angelic Tea and Scone house at Plaza damas :)

  2. so vintage-y! Cute rose headband! haha. It suits you!

    xx Mandy

    1. Haha! Thanks Mandy :) Their food there not bad, go try out and snap pictures LOL;)


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