Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Fondue Party x Tammy's Birthday

Is it ashamed to say that it's my first time trying Häagen-Dazs ice-cream? =/ I'm such caveman LOL. A big hug and thanks to Tammy for inviting me and so that I have this first try in my 20s. *Sob sob*

So, we were all having a lunch date at Häagen-Dazs, SoHo KL. The top floor was fully owned by us.

Haha, actually nothing much about this post, I just wanna share my experience on the ice cream fondue and some of the captured moments with all the bloggers!

The party kick started with some games. So coincident that me, Angel and Chocky came under the same family teehee =D

After that, we have drawing session which allowed us to draw portrait of own self and deliver some of the wishes to Tammy.  Everyone was so focus and it made me think of kindergarten LOL

Then, Tammy gave a thank you speech to us for attending and helping out at her birthday party =D

Zoooom in version of the ice cream cake. Look so delicate right? =0

After all, it's the peak moment, the ice cream ceremony LOL.
Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Fondue is served with fruits, cookies, cakes, different flavors of ice cream and of course some toppling like almond bits and chocolate chips.

Haha, ours table shared two fondues as there were about 8 of us. We finished the whole fondue within 30 minutes, damn kua jiong LOL. Like we have been in hunger for years.

What can I say? It's heavenly delicious and tempting!!!! The ice cream and chocolate unlike what I have at Hometown. The chocolate is thick and just fine with it's sweetness. The chocolate will freeze and fully coat around the ice cream ball, like a chocolate bomb. It's crispy and cool.

After finished two fondues, we have one more fondue again LOL. Well, kinda ridiculous though. Girls can eat a lot!!!

 All of us were given a chocolate bar as a gift of appreciation from Tammy before leaving!
Of course, I wouldn't miss out any selfie with my friends!

 Sabby with her big eyes again. Freaking contra with my eyes LOL, mine like peas.

 This is Inna, she's so cute right =D

 Guess it's the first selfie taking with the hot blondie, Sarah and Kifli!

All the girls!

Tadaaa, selfie with Tammy! I met Tammy in The Butterfly Project, I'm so thankful, because of her I got to join the butterfly community, meeting all the awesome bloggers and attend events! Thank you Mamasan, We love you!!!

p/s: Some of the pictures without watermark, credit to Jennifer and Angeline.

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  1. hahahaah I love my picture caption! LOL

  2. Great post... this seems fun :) Enjoy

  3. Omg ice cream fondue sounds amazing!!!

    Jess xo

  4. got so kua cheong 30 minutes meh??


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