Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SKIN & LAB Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

I wanna make a confession here. Again. If you have read up my previous post, you will know that I have terrible skin condition and the largest concern of my skin will be ......
I have big pores. Yeah very BIG. Until all the pores are fully clogged the next day even after going for facial treatment. 
The pores are like the vacuum machine, they suck-in all the impurities and hold on tight without letting go. I was really fed up with my skin condition.

But then, here's an in-house treatment mask which just come by at the right time.
Skin & Lab Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask, made in Korea are highly effective in fighting acne and clearing pores with the only 3Cs Pore Care System.

The 3Cs Pore Care system consist of
Clear - In depth cleansing that eliminates excess sebum, dead skins and any skin wastes.
Contract - Pore tightening, to contract and firm up the pores.
Care - Rejuvenate, nourish and protect.

The functions:
- Remove impurities and deep cleanse
- Minimize pores
- Sebum control
- Acne treatment
- Hydrating balance

The main ingredients of this clay facial mask:
- Canadian Glacial Clay (Acne resolving, calming and sebum control)
- Oatmeal (Soften skin, Deep hydration and remove dead skin)
- Tea Tree Leaf (Acne resolving and prevention)
- Allantoin (Sensitivity reduction)

The texture is much thick and creamy (with some tiny greenish leaves/oat) at firsts but then it turns hard when dries up. The texture are soft and easy to spread. It comes with a cooling scent which much smell like a kind of Chinese herb. This mask is kinda alike with Eve Lom Rescue Mask.

How to use:
- Apply adequate amount of glacial clay on the face using spatula (comes in set) after cleansing. 
- Avoid mouth and eyes area.
- Rinse off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.
- Can be used on sebum-concentreated areas (T-zone) or acne-prone areas (chest and neck) right after shower.
- Do not leave it in open lid after usage.

* 2 to 3 times weekly for oily skin / 1 to 2 times weekly for dry to normal skin.
Here's the result after application. Obviously that my skin tone is lightened up, especially on my forehead.

Here's the closer look of my pores on nose. The result is noticeable that the pores are much smaller compare to before, with lesser black heads and lesser sebum (less shiny and oil).

This product is highly recommended for those who have saggy large pores, oily skin, acne-prone skin, cakey skin and deep-rooted blackheads.  

What do I think?
There's minor sharp pain after the application for the first few minutes. I can feel my skin is discomfort, sort of burning. It's normal as the clay mask need to cleanse deeply into the pores. But the pain decreases gradually, my skin is instantly cooled and tightened when it slowly dries up. After washing off the clay mask, it's so refreshing and my skin is hydrated. The effect is distinct and I believe it does show significant effect after long term usage.
The pain is unbearable for the first usage but then I'm okay with the pain during the second application.

RM71 |  100ml
*You can purchase at here

For more information, please do not hesitate to visit Natta Cosme
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NattaCosme
Official Website: http://www.nattacosme.com


  1. how pain will it be? cuz I'm having same problems like you do, and have more black head on the face yet couldn't found any solutions ><

    Blogger from capture1st.blogspot.com ;)

    1. HI kathryn, it's like sort of sensitive kind of pain using the wrong products, hmm like being sting? But it's the sharp pain is normal for deep cleansing products. For the first time usage, you can rinse off quickly when u feel the pain is unbearable, yet u can still see the effect. It's bearable after the second usage. :)
      You should try, because its really effective.

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