Sunday, February 15, 2015

PASJEL Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream

To be honest, I was so blessed for the last few months. When I was still wondering if anyone still reading my blog because I was too busy to update my blog for even once a week, but YES. THEY DID.  I really appreciate those readers who used to read or comment on my blog, supporting me all the way.
Few months ago, I've received an email from Pasjel International Company, which is a company based in Thailand, telling me that they love reading my blog and wanting me to try out their skin care products. Sending them all the way from Thailand.

Yeah! It's PASJEL from Thailand! It's a well known skincare brand among bloggers in Indonesia and Philippines! Here's the start from Malaysia!

I have done some research before receiving the products. PASJEL Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream is actually one of the best seller among PASJEL products.

Skin smoothening
Treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads, melasma, freckles and skin discoloration
Treat scar

Salicylic Acid, 
Allium Cepa Extract, 
Rice Callus Stem Extract
Tranexamic Acid 
Contains no steroids or harmful ingredients. Not tested on animals.

Direction to use:
Apply regularly to face before sleep.

Texture and scent:
It comes in light pinkish creamy texture and with a cherry scent. The cherry scent is quite sweet and it reminds me of the candy as well as sort of 'grape flavored Vitagen'. The cherrilicious aroma is pretty heavy as people around can even smell it but it's totally refreshing and you will definitely feel happy with the scent.

It penetrates to the skin very fast, like within 30 seconds and it goes completely matte. I can't feel any stickiness or oiliness on my skin. Even after hours, it's still pertain its matte-ness. Yet, there's still the bouncy and moisture feeling.

After a week of application, I can feel my skin texture improved as well brighter skin complexion. Meanwhile, it did treat my acne and dark spots, in just one day. (Refer to picture above)

Something dislike...
It's too small and I think it can only last for a month even only for night time usage.

Size and price
10g | 390 baht

For more information and update, feel free to visit
Pasjel Official Website:
Instagram: @pasjelofficial


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