Sunday, February 1, 2015

Instagram Giveaway! [Close]

Hello dearies, I am holding a giveaway on my Instagram!
Step 1: Follow @Immateapot on Instagram.
Step 2: REPOST this picture with the caption of
'' @Immateapot is having a giveaway! I wanna doll up myself with MaryQuant! #Immateapotgiveaway''

Winner will walk away with a
- Mary Quant lipstick
- Mary Quant Eyeshadow
- Mary Quant Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara

*Contest open to Malaysian only and ends on 27th of February. ONE winner will be selected randomly.


  1. Oh wow! that's so generous of you! :3

    Read on my latest blog post: Dream that I can't achieve

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