Monday, April 6, 2015

Natural Loose Hair Curl by VS Sassoon iPink Hair Setter

Hello all! So, here's the second part for Presentation MakeUp Look, the hairdo!
Instead of hair curling tong, the ordinary hair roller, have you ever heard of the heating rollers??
I guess most of the girls out there prefer some soft hair curls which are much natural and light, some of the girls may find that using the hair curling tong is kinda troublesome to get their hair done, it's hard to manage the hand position and even controlling the tong. It's quite confusing though, like creating the inner cute curl or the outer sexy curl.

But, we have our rescuer here!

VS Sassoon iPink Instant Studio Professional Hair Setter
Manufacturer : Conair Far East LTD, Hong Kong

Model: VS3038PIH

Product details:
Design (outer):  slight oval black case with a transparent cover.

Size: Estimation of 17cm x 15cm

  • 5 wire clips (securing purpose)
  • 5 super clips (securing purpose)
  • 5 rollers (38mm, flocked surfaces to grip the hair)

Direction to use:
  • Plug in the hair setter on a suitable main socket.
  • Turn on the 'I' and close the cover.
  • Wait around 10 minutes for the rollers to heat up.
  • The rollers are ready to use when the RED dot turn WHITE.
  • Turn off the appliance 'O' after usage and unplug it. 
  • Make sure it's completely cool. 

Price: MYR 255

Availability: HiShop
iPink Instant Studio Professional Hair Setter
iPink Instant Studio Professional Hair Setter
iPink Instant Studio Professional Hair Setter
iPink Instant Studio Professional Hair Setter

My thoughts 
  • After setting the rollers on my hair, it took me only 5 minutes to get the loose wavy curl. If you wanna get a much stronger wave, just make sure the hair setters are on you hair for around 10-15 minutes, by the time you can just get your make up done! 
  • It's easy, convenient and fast! Absolutely a great tool for in-house styling!
  • It isn't too heaty when touching the hair rollers on the flocked surfaces.
  • The hair waves are natural and wavy, of course much bouncy and voluminous.

  • The curls don't last, but I'm sure using the hair products like hair fixing spray, can make the curls last longer.
  • I have thick long hair, I found it hard for me to fully curl the whole head with only 5 rollers. I have to stuck and roll a thick section of my hair on each roller. Of course with such thick hair on a tiny hair roller, the curls aren't that even, definitely not long lasting.

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*Highly recommend for those who have thin hair, even shoulder length or short hair. You can just curl the end of your hair easily!

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  1. this looks great =)
    maybe you have lust for f4f?

  2. quite nice eh! But then if you need like 6-7 rollers you need to buy 2?

    1. Ya weih not so convenient for thick hair i guess unless u buy two haha.
      But if owning shoulder length or bob hair, fringe will be convenient.

  3. Too bad I got very thick and long hair, if not this might be the fastest way to set up my hair :P

  4. OMG the result is so beautiful! I've always wanted to buy the Vidal Sassoon curler! gotta save up. love your hair colour btw!


  5. I can remember my aunt using hot rollers when I was a child. She had really short hair, though, so it was easy for her. I've yet to find a hot roller that works for me, especially since I have super long hair that reaches the middle of my back.

    I think your results look nice. I'm sure if you had a second set of rollers it would be better since your hair is thick. Five rollers just aren't enough for us gals with thick hair.



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