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PHILIPS Easy Natural Curler

Besides putting on make up and dressing up, it's undeniable that hairstyle does make a woman looks different. Different hairstyles help bringing out a woman's unique trait to suit different occasions,  meanwhile boosting one confidence and mood. That's what Philips believe in. 

Philips perceives the demand of a woman. By owning team who are technically expert and innovative, they have invented high quality beauty tools for woman to style at home and with all comfort.

Heating Rollers Set which I've blogged earlier aside, here's the PHILIPS Easy Natural Curler! It was named after its effectiveness in creating effortless and natural hair curls.

PHILIPS Easy Natural Curler


Overall estimation of 24cm (7cm for the heating plates)


Estimation of 0.5kg | 500g


  • Tulip Shape 
    Unique shape to create perfect natural curls.

  • One Touch Clip and Curl
    Curl with only one hand with automatic clip that clip and hold the hair while styling.

  • Heat Safe
    Hair are protected from accidental brushes and burns with the inventive styling plates which are coated with ceramic to ensure the heat is distributed evenly. To minimize further hair damage, the plates can only be heated to a professional temperature of 200°C.

  • Light and Compact
    It comes with slim handle and small in size that's easy to carry around. Carry and pack in your handbag for a quick fix!

Direction to use:
Step 1:
Connect to power supply and turn on the appliance. Wait around for 30 seconds for the appliance to heat up.

Step 2:
Grab a small section of your hair. Make sure it's not too thick.

Step 3:
[CLIP] Place the hair between the plates while holding on the 'click' button. Release the button when the hair is positioned.

Step 4:
[ROLL] Roll you hair.
For inward curls, rotate the device towards your head; For outer curls, rotate the device away from your head.
Inward curls indicate sweet looking while outer curls indicate sexy or much mature look. Mixing the curls, create a more natural and modern look.

Step 5:
[STROKE DOWN] Pull the curler down.


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My thoughts:

- FYI, most of the curling tong out there are made of steel or sort of plated iron. Just imagine, heating some sort of iron above 100°C and your hair is placed above. THAT'S HURT RIGHT?! But now, we have PHILIPS Easy Natural Curler that's coated with ceramic that definitely lessen the damage to your hair. We love our hair and for sure we wouldn't wanna spend extra more money on hair treatment.
- It's real light and small in shape! I will definitely carrying it with me during travel.
- The curls created are really soft and natural.

- The curls don't last long, unless with the application of hair products like mousse.
- The heating plates are way too short. The space between the top/bottom plates are way too squeeze. The thickness of hair is limited and it's time consuming if we are going for full hair curl.

I would rate it 4/5. Because of it's conveniences! Highly recommend for travelers who would love to have their hair tips curl a little.

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