Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Flavourest Cafe @ Kelana Jaya : A date with Teddy Bears

It has been a long time since my last food review. Just to mention here again, most of the food reviews here weren't paid or advertorial, they were just my honest opinions and humble sharing. 

I've heard about everyone talking about the Teddy Bear Cafe which was recently a favorite cafe among the food hunters. 
Oh  well, so I am here at Flavourest Cafe - A cafe with the most Teddy Bears, from tiny to a huge one.
There is a huge Teddy Bear welcoming the arrival of us right at the doorstep with sunflowers aside, bright-fully and cheerfully. 
Guess it's just the right place for kids.
What amaze me the most is the huge mural art. Although it's only in black and white, yet all the tiny details are meticulously drawn. Just imagine you, yourself having a tea date in Paris! With Eiffel tower by the side and all the teddy bears!
Besides, there's a tiny stall, made of cardboard and surrounded by bears and flowers, so lovely! 
Dear Elise can't wait to squeeze herself into the stall, acting like a hawker, selling bears and flowers hahah! There's also a white shelf at the side, where you can simply pick up some of your favorite sauces for your dishes.
Elise is thinking how much we should pay her for the bears.

Most of the tables, were accompanied with a teddy bear. So no worry if you're dining alone, you are not alone anymore, there's still bear! Just great for girls to take selfie with.

After all, it's food tasting!
My mom has ordered a Black Pepper Chicken with mash potato @RM13.90.
I like the black pepper sauce and mash potato. The seasoning for both is fantastic. Yet, the chicken meat is tasteless although it is perfectly grilled. It looks like two separate layer. The chicken skin taste great with the sauce and the chicken meat taste nothing.
I've ordered myself Egg Salmon Croissant @8.90 as the Egg Mayo Croissant isn't available during lunch time.
It's a combination of croissant which filled with cheese, tomato and cucumber slices, scrambled egg, smoked salmon and lettuces. So far, this is the most delicate dishes among all. The croissant is crispy and it perfectly matches with some of the salty tastes from scrambled egg and smoked salmon.
Too bad that the signature Chocolate cake isn't available, so that my sister has ordered a slice of Oreo Cheese Cake @RM7.90.
There are a total of three layers within this cake, crunchy oreo on top and bottom, whereby thick cheese as fillings. Overall taste great, not too sweet nor cheesy. Yet, we feel sort of greasy after having too much of this and the cake isn't properly freeze. Sharing is better.
I am quite disappointing with the services, the staffs aren't that friendly and slow-in-response. The environment is just fine, quite pack for me. I mean if it's too crowded and you can feel the sardine. LOL All the things aren't tidily arranged, quite messy, like the shelves at the counter. The price for all the food are reasonable and affordable.

Food:              3/5
Services:         2/5
Environment:  3/5
Hygiene:         3/5
Price:              4/5

No. 46-G, Block D,
No.1, Zenith Corporate Park,
Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
(5 minutes away from Paradigm Mall)

Operation Time:
Tues - Fri : 10am - 9pm
Sat, Sun   : 11am - 10pm

*You may just WAZE there.


  1. it looks all so cute, and delicious food. =)

  2. i would love to stop by to eat here. selfie with a bear is more than enough for me. hehehe


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