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Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, Age Defense Moisturizer, UV Shield SPF30 PA++

I was once told that there were few types of make up remover which specifically for face, eyes and lips. 
For my face, I used Cyber Color Cleansing Oil, which is a perfect remover for dehydrated and dry skin.
For eyes and lips, we have to use a separate remover they are much fragile and sensitive area, needed much delicate formula compare to face. So, I've come across using Neesya Eye & lip Makeup Remover.

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, a bi-phase makeup remover, which is specifically designed to remove stubborn waterproof makeup, like mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Meanwhile, it helps moisturize and condition the skin.
In the previous old time, I used to remove my eyes and lips makeup very harshly, hence it leaves my skin with redness and itchiness. Eventually, I got to change the way of removing my makeup, which was much gentle to my own skin, especially my eyes. I gonna share a bit here. 

Direction to use:
Step 1:
Shakes well and pour on a cotton pad.

Step 2:
Press the cotton pad gently onto your eyes and wait for 5 minutes. It helps the remover to penetrate into the waterproof mascara and break the particles.

Step 3:
Remove the cotton pad and you have your waterproof mascara on the cotton pad. 
Texture and scent:
The texture is no much difference compare to the usual eye & lip makeup remover, oil based. Yet, it comes with a very very light and refreshing floral scent.

My thoughts:
It removes my eye and lip makeup rapidly and effectively within 1 or 2 wipes, without the need of being harsh rubbing. It leaves my skin a bit greasy, but still bearable. Most importantly, it is super gentle to the skin as it doesn't cause any itchiness or redness on my skin, my skin is moisture and sooth.

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Size:    100ml
Price:   RM49

Sunflower oil, Vitamin A, C and E, Vitamin B5

Key Benefits:
Remove makeup swiftly, Moisture, prevent sign of aging

By the age of 22, I'm already doing my skin care towards preventing the sign of aging. It's good to prevent before it's too late right hehe.

There are few visible signs of aging on face and let's see if you've meet one.

  • Rougher skin texture
  • Dull and dry skin
  • Accumulation of black spots on face
  • Eye Bags

TBH, I've marked few on the list above. But what causes these signs of aging?
According to research, skin changes which associated with aging are avoidable and most of the causes are due to Sun Damage of Skin Dehydration.

So, thank god that I've added in another two skin care products recently - Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer and Neesya UV Shield SPF30++ .

Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer
To hydrate our skin, wait no more to use the Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer. As named, Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer comes with multi anti-aging functions, not only restoring the skin glow, smoothen the wrinkles, revitalizing skin collagen, it helps in instant deep moisture and long lasting hydration up to 72 hours!

Besides, it helps protecting the skin against free radical, just great to use before sunscreen, double protect!
Texture and scent:
It's in liquid form with sort of milky and gel texture, with a light delicate scent. 

My thoughts:
Although it helps in restoring glow skin, but i feel the texture is rather too greasy. For the post usage feeling, I can feel my skin is rather sticky yet supple. I tend to use the Age Defense Moisturizer in the morning and Hydrating Serum at night.

Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer
Size:    50ml
Price:   RM125

LumiAdvance (All finest ingredients that easily penetrate deeply into skin layer)

Silanol, brown algae complex, carbohydrate complex, Silver Vine extract

Key Benefits:
Prevent sign of aging, long hours hydration, Brighten the skin complexion

Neesya UV Shield spf30 PA++
After the use of Age Defense Moisturizer, I'll top up my skin with a layer of sunscreen using Neesya UV Shield SPF30 PA++. 

It's not only a sun protector, but comes with triple functions!

  • Defence-Repair-Relief
  • Protect skin from UV
  • Induce loss of firmness, restore youthful, moisture, sooth skin

Texture and scent:
It's white in creamy texture, with a mild sweet floral scent.

My thoughts:
Personally, I'm not fond with the white sunscreen, I would prefer it in light skin tone. I'm afraid it makes my skin way too fair. So, do take note on the amount, not too much but just applying dots. The post-usage is quite great besides the whitening effect, without making my skin too slick nor sticky. BTW, the tiny tube size is just great to carry around for travel purpose! I may just touch up my sunscreen anytime anywhere.

Neesya UV Shield SPF30 PA++
Size:    20ml
Price:   RM79

Silver Vine extract, titanium dioxide, octinoxate

Key Benefits:
UV Protection, Prevent sign of aging, Enhance skin complexion

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