Thursday, February 11, 2016

Taiwan Trip, Day 2

Since it's winter season, the sun woke up really early! It was up around 4am. To avoid the morning traffic, we decided to meet up the driver at 9am. 
While we were waiting, we have done some shopping in Family Mart, which was a convenient store that kinda alike with 7-11.

Hereby we started off our day 2 journey in 彩虹眷村 (Rainbow Village).
It was an artistic village where all the colorful murals were fully hand drawn by an old man cum warrior, 黃永阜. The painting was started in 2008 by Papa Wang during his 80s. Previously it was just for the sake of quenching his boredom, slowly it has attracted all the visitors to visit this village, as well as support from the neighborhood.
Almost every inches of the village were painted colorful, much like a fairy tale! There were even stone painting on the grass that led us into the village.
All the collage of colors and paintings have added a sense of liveliness to the whole village, much like a dreamland to children.

I wonder how long it took him to finish all the paintings? Without any left out. Kay lahhh.. only the roof.
There was a man as well, as a camouflage in the village, as a musician, that came with the most inspiring dream that accompanying the crowd.

He even distributed us with few post cards for free with his selfie and heart warming captions on.

The next station, we hopped into the Monster Village 妖怪村.

No worry there wasn't any appearance of monster, but everything interesting and fun to explore.
The heavy fog has added some mysterious feeling to the village, which making it to be much discover-able and of course boosting my curiosity.

I really love the environment here in the village, all the interior, shop decorations and items selling!
Spot the cutest van!
Along the road, we have seen all the signage about 咬人猫 (The Bite Cat) and definitely it caught our attention! It has effortlessly led us into a bakery shop in the monster village, namely 久保田烘培坊.

咬人猫 was actually a bread that named after an editable leave, which was part on the bread, a leave that came in the shape of a 'maple leave'. The cooked leaves helped in blood circulation, relieve pain and dispel rheumatism. 
The bread was the bestseller in the shop, where the amount was limited and each person can purchase only 2 breads. It was selling at 30 TWD and was divided into two batches, selling at 10.30 in the morning and 2.30 in the afternoon. 
There were some others pastries selling in the shop as well.
Hereby, they were selling freshly baked Hokkaido cheesecake and the packaging was so so so cute! Only selling at 199 TWD.
Besides, there were also a wide range of candies, snacks and seasonings that came in amazing packaging!

Surprisingly, there were so many insta-worthy places in the village for selfie and of course OOTD shot.
There were even souvenir shops that I really recommend all of you to purchase right in the monster village as they were really unique and you may not found some where else.

The second last station, we have spent our afternoon at 天空之桥 (Sky Bridge), just right to catch the year of Monkey!

The sky bridge was 204 km long and height 70 km, connected by 265 pieces of staircases and it can carry up to 150 people. No worry it wouldn't over-load as there was a machine that helps calculating the amount of people on bridge.
It was really windy up on the sky bridge and it took only 15 minutes for both routes. With the bridge, I can view the whole beautiful scenery of 彰化, complementing the greens of the trees in the caves and the blue sky.
Last station of the day, 宫原眼科 (Miyahara).
It was constructed in 1927 by Japanese and was originally a private hospital. It was abandoned after WWII when Japanese left Taiwan. Years after years, it was again renovated and refurnished by 日出 Organization. Today, it has made Miyahara, a place for high tea sessions and of course the renown place for ice cream!

Right stepping into the building, I felt like I was about going to have some high tea session at TWG. Yeah, right on the second floor, it was a place for tea and came with a cover charge of 360 TWD per person.
As we have really limited budget, we decided to go for ice cream only, where the shop was just located beside the huge building.
On the first floor, basically they were selling some of the local products like pineapple cake 凤梨酥, sun cake 太阳饼 and nougat 牛轧糖. 
So, here's the place 宫原眼科冰淇淋 for ice cream only.
Here's the updated price.
Single scoop: 90 TWD
Double scoop: 160 TWD
I guess this was my first time visiting an ice cream store that have such wide choices of ice cream. They served varieties of ice cream flavors as well as different topping! There were different sweetness and bitter level of chocolate, with or without nut, different milky level, a wide range of fruitilicious and tea-flavored ice cream!

After a long discussion, we decided to order something bitter and sweet! The dark chocolate and longan yogurt! I was totally obsessed with the dark chocolate, which was something that I have never tried before, even dark chocolate. I wasn't into the crunchy cone as I found it quite thick.

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