Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Taiwan Trip, Day 1

So yay! I have come back from Taiwan about a month ago. I was busying with all the pending blog posts and now the burdened assignments are back to me. Anyway, all of my friends have been asking how was the trip and of course requesting the itinerary. Instead of sharing the itinerary verbally, I'm going to share my trip on my blog visually with all of you!

Here are some flight details which I am going to share. I have bought my flight ticket from MAS airline at RM900, 3 months before the trip. Inclusive 30kg luggage and meal.

Lets start the Taiwan journey together with me! I hope it's useful to all of you meanwhile it was also a recorded memories for me whenever I read back my post.
By the time we reached Taiwan, collected our luggage and passed the custom, it was already 3.15pm. It was just the right time to depart from TaoYuan Airport and head to 高美湿地 (Gao Mei Wetlands) in Taichung to catch the perfect sunset.
So, we have arrived at Gao Mei about 4.45pm. Well, it was a disappointment as the sun has partially set.
Gao Mei Wetlands is one of the most well known and well preserved wetlands habitats in Taiwan. Beside, it is also a hot spot for photo shooting, like movies, music video and etc.

There was a long wooden bridge that connecting to the port and biking trails, which seems endless. So, we took a walk while enjoying the breath-taking scenery that was surrounding us. During the 20 minutes walk, we saw some tiny crabs and even birds on the wetland, beside the muddy soil and sand!

Gao Mei Wetlands
Since we were going during the winter season, it was pretty foggy and freezing cool. The windmills near the wetland is one of the must-snap place where it will be an extraordinary scenery accompanied by the sunset, as what the other bloggers suggested.
But too bad, we saw only heavy fog and an unclear vision of the windmill.
No worry if you are hungry! There were all the food stalls along the roadside, selling some great snacks.
I highly recommend this deep fried squid ball 花枝丸. It was really delicious!
Personally, I wasn't fancy with this 糯米肠, which was actually come with a hot dog that's wrapped around by the glutinous rice. I found it tasted and smelled really weird LOL, powdery and sweet.

That's the only spot we went in Day 1 as the sun set really fast during the winter. By 5.15pm, the surrounding turned up really dark, like the night time in Malaysia. So, please make sure you reached around 4pm to catch the perfect sunset during the winter season. Days are shorter during winter season.

Of course, we will never missed out any night market in Taiwan as we stayed just 3 minutes away from FengJia night market.

For this Taiwan trip, we were in Taichung from Day 1 to Day 4, and we decided to hire a driver, which is the best driver I've seen s far. He accompanied us regardless on the hours count.

Here's the details of driver, if you're planning to get one.
Hp/ WeChat ID: 0982-428558
Line ID: leonjuns1218

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  1. oh wow
    yumii =)

  2. rm900 flight is cheap :D good deal that you manage to find there

  3. I am going to Taiwan next year
    So this will be in my list
    thank you :)

  4. such a fun vacation there. My sis in law didnt have good time she followed travel agency last time.

  5. Wow, always wanted to go to Taiwan but the language is a barrier. This list will come in useful.

  6. Will keep your tips. Going to visit Taiwan soon. ;)

  7. Taiwan is on my wish list. Your post makes me make it faster.

  8. The sun has already set at 445pm? Will take note of that when I visit later this year. THANX for the headsup!

  9. The sun has already set at 445pm? Will take note of that when I visit later this year. THANX for the headsup!

  10. Nice place and nice food! Taiwan is on my radar for some time. Will try and visit :)

  11. Taiwan is a great place to visit.
    Perhaps you can try AirAsia if you don't mind, last time I bought airfare lesser than RM 900, just as a reference :)

  12. Taiwan was one of my travel bucket list! Definitely not gonna miss to visit Taiwan. The snack looks yummy =D

  13. I want to go back to Taiwan too... but this time I want to go to Kaoshiung ... I am looking forward reading more about your trip... hugs

  14. Always wanted to revisit Taiwan, after 25 years, I'm sure there's plenty of changes to the country.

  15. When I think of Taiwan I think of the food at the night markets. Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip

  16. Such a fun place and food looks awesome. I love those road side night markets.

  17. I never when to Taiwan.I hear they are a lot a nice place! What a great vacation u have amelie <3

  18. I miss Taiwan, such a beautiful country, will revisit again for their delicious foods :)

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