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Taiwan Trip, Day 4

First post in June -
Here's some quick update on my current, so called 'lifestyle'. I have actually started my internship a month back and I was busying with my FYP before that, right after the update on Taiwan Trip Day 3. I have totally forgotten that I stopped at day 3, due to the hustle life which I am pretty enjoying. Summarize all - TOO BUSY.
After 2 months, I am finally back with my Taiwan Trip, Day 4. Yayyyyyy!
In this post, I am going to start off with my very first station at (XinShe Castle) Summit Resort, 新社莊园 in TaiChung. 
XinShe Castle wasn't a hot spot for travelling but pre-wedding shooting, as I did not read up much regarding on this place on travel blog, unless you are an architecture and photography freak like me, you will definitely in love with this place like I do. The breath-taking view and of course an insta-worthy place too LOL.

Like an ordinary girl, I am obsessed with castles and fairy tales. I was over-joyed when the castle from the fairy tales came alive!

XinShe Castle is an unique manmade castle which imitating the architectural style in the ancient Europe, in the period of Renaissance.
Everything was so elegant and magnificent! I really love how silence it was, not much of crowd, with only the sound of natures. The gushing sound of the water, birds that were humming when they flew by, all the details on the buildings, every single bricks, and arches. I felt that I was really situated in a painting. An European oil painting.
The castles looked spectacularly majestic under the sun kiss!
Even though it wasn't an historical building, but it was a great place as an recreational park that was perfect for an evening walk!

It was filled with lush greeneries and stunning flowers in the gardens, as well as swans in the lake!
The tree-scrapers has reminded me of the song 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift though. 
Well, this creepy place somehow reminded me of the vampires that I have seen in the movies.
After visiting the castle, again we have hopped into another fairy tale's destination - Lavender Cottage Farm (薰衣草森林).
It is a journey of dream, painted by colors and collected through memories.

The lavender cottage farm was started up by two girls who loves to travel and dream. Bought a hill in nowhere, they have started to grow lavender sea, with the aroma of coffee around, they realized it's time to share their dream with everyone else in the world.
Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a giant teddy bear! It was so large that mimicking my size!

Instead of just visiting the lavender farm lamely, this journey was so much adventurous and exploratory, with a fun mission behind.
Right at the entrance, we were given a map to collect colorful stamps from each station that comes with different themes. There were market, gardens, pathways, as well as cafe.
Along the journey, we were led to different surroundings and unique experiences.

The so called 'post office' that you may purchase any post cards and send to the one you have forgotten in the country home.
If you have visited the lavender farm in Cameron Highlands, well, I have to say, the lavender yield in the lavender cottage farm was so much larger.
Following the trail and up to the hill, there was a wishing bell.

I have dropped a wish too! Let me know if you are able to find mine =P

Right before the exit, there was a beautiful carousel. Just to fulfill the girly's dream.
WHAT? A carousel in a forest?!
I have realized that the secret behind the mission was actually wanting the explorers to enjoy every single steps they took, be slow and take a look of the surroundings, admire the natures and feel the soothing breeze. Or else, you may just miss the stamps!
Instead of collecting the stamps on the map, I have so much fun collecting the stamps on my stamp book LOL, which I literally bought it from 光南大批发 for stamping purpose.
At the last stop, we have visited the Flying Cow Ranch (飞牛牧场).

It was a great place for children. Overall was clean, children get to have a closer look of the animals, as well as taking part in the interactive activities, like feeding the animals, watching the ducks parade and etc.

I was pretty disappointing as I did not get to see Alpaca 草泥马. Information misled. =.=

The flying cow ranch was a really huge place, there was also butterfly farm, children playing area and restaurants.
I have to salute their innovative milk in peach flavor! OMG, it was so damn nice, but too bad it wasn't for sale, but it was only been given away to all the visitors, one for each visitors. Some of the other milks and yogurt were so damn nice too.
On our way back to the hotel, we saw an enormous sunflower fields, right beside the MiaoLi TongLuo highway 苗栗銅鑼交流道.
I guess the sunflowers will look even brighter on the right season. =(
That's all for my Taiwan Trip Day 4. Will blog about the next few days soonest!

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