Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey
If you ever track me on my social media platforms, you might already knew that I have BUMPED INTO FITNESS and I have actually started 6 months ago! 

Before I start my journey to fitness, here are some throw back on the not-too-drastic-changes happening to me from 2014 till 2016, with zero photoshop in all the pictures.
I was never a skinny girl, N-E-V-E-R. I am always chubby in my petite size, an ordinary lady in pear shape. If you know what a pear stands for its shape, tiny waist with huge hip line and thigh. Back in 2014, I was still looking  'normal' and I was daring enough to fit in bikini for Steve Aoki's rave party.
A year later, I bet you see there is some changes on my face. Yeah, plastic surgery failed? I started to own that round face and trying to cover up all my fats with loose clothes.
In June 2015, my birthday month, I got shocked to even look at my own pictures with that gigantic elephant thighs and arms.  
In October 2015, I started to bloat and look like a pregnant lady in her petite size due to my eating habit and lifestyle without working out at all. With no choice, I have to work really hard to edit all my pictures so that I looked like the ideal me as you seen in all my social  media platforms and blog.

I can't fit in most of the pants as I felt the tightness on my thigh and waist. I was able to pinch on my three layers fat tummy when I was doing some excretion in the washroom. I realized the changes on my body and I tried to reflect myself in pictures/mirror. FATS IS ALL A-ROUND. 
My Fitness Inspiration
I used to give myself excuses, like 'I am not able to skip meal, I have gastric and low blood glucose level' as I have tried to skip meal when I was younger and ended up faint in the public. For a week, I have slight eating disorders, like I felt disgusting and vomiting even looking at food.

Until, I followed Sherlyn Tan (Founder of Twenty3) on Instagram. I started to have a clearer look of her personal life. How she used to be a in-confidence girl, she always felt fat and ashamed about her body, she even tried to commit suicide till she approached fitness that causing a major changes in her life. 
I was impressed with her words and attitude toward life. Through her Instagram, I got to know Kayla, as well as the BBG communities. I began to follow a bundles of BBG girls on my Instagram as nmosf of them tend to share about their transformation, recipes and fitness tips. 
I was so inspired during that period of time, when I saw every single changes in the girls, even a mother of 4. They have that curvy bodies that they are proud of, with the perfect abs and huge fit thighs.
Then, I was like "OMFG, I gonna work that shit out!" There goes my fitness journey in December 2015. I wanted to own that body, I wanted to feel confidence with it, I wanted to built it. Not about losing weight, but owning that ideal body and of course a better lifestyle. 
My Fitness Motivation
I started to cut down my food portion but never skip a meal. I replaced my snack with granola, fruits and milk. I stopped craving on unhealthy snacks no matter how stressful and emotional I was. Never order a drinks for my lunch or dinner, but always opt for drinking water.

After approaching Kayla, I have decided to give a try on her Kayla Apps. I did not purchase the monthly apps, but went for the one month trial. I wanted to know if I was able to be determine throughout the period. I did not go for gym, as that's not how some girls worked, 30 minutes workout per day was good enough.

I initiated myself by purchasing sport bras and yoga mat. I forced and dragged myself to workout for at least 30 minutes everyday, even when I was back from class at 6pm. I gave no excuses to myself even though I was exhausted after a 7 hours class. I spent no time on surfing the net or nap, as I rather spent them on fitness and building my body.

After the one month trial on Kayla's app, I started to workout with Blogilates on Youtube. You know what? It's FREE and it WORKS.

If you wonder how I kept myself motivated all the time?

  1. Follow all the fitness pages and BBG girls on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Take pictures of your body after every single workout and share it over your social media platforms. 
  3. Set your lock-screen and wallpapers with images that is able to motivate you not only in your phone, but everywhere, in your ipad and laptop. I used to have Cathryn Li's body as my lock screen wallpaper.
  4. Have a clear mind set of what is the ideal body that you are aiming for and stop giving yourself excuses to skip working out.
  5. Start purchasing pretty sportswear, like special prints and colorful sports bra. That helps reminding yourself 'Oh Damn, I have bought so many and I gonna put them on!'
  6. Always look yourself into the mirror after every workout and see the changes. 

3 months later, I have noticed significant changes on my body. I SAW ABS ON ME. Even my boyfriend did notice that I was less meaty at the side of my hips as he used to hug me from behind and love to pinch me.

After seeing the changes, I have never been any forceful to workout anymore. I felt extremely happy when I was sweating and trying different kinds of intense workouts like 1000 abs challenges. I felt wrong when I wasn't sweating and I would go for another 30 minutes more.

I felt delighted looking into myself through mirror, I saw shapes and lines on my body which I have never thought about. I saw satisfaction in my face. I FINALLY OWNED THEM.

Not only changes in body, but I was mentally changed too. I started to embrace the 'western culture' as there were actually many more curvy ladies out there, appreciating their body shapes and being proud of their body, as well as dressing up daringly. I totally admire Ashley Graham whom said "it's not about the size you wear, it's about how you wear your size".
 I saw changes on my face too. I have gotten that jaw line! I saw that distinct separation from ma neck and face.
I felt so much confidence in dressing with low cut or sleeveless top. I knew I might still being chubby but at least I have that muscles on me, not fully covering with fats. I am way healthier and happier now. 
I have to make it clear that I DID NOT SKIP MEAL neither EAT CLEAN. 
I still wanna crave on sweet and salty stuffs. But I definitely have to put extra effort in building up my bodies even though in a slower pace.
Hmm.. my personal view towards life will be, be slow and enjoy! Not too rush yourself in building such a body in a month, you should enjoy the procedure with enough endurance and discipline. 

Even though there is some changes now after my internship life, yet I am still not losing track. I am still working out at least thrice a week, with more cardio exercises and for at least one hour. I have to say 'be determine and always adapt to changes'.
Right after the laziness overwhelm you, you will hardly get back to fitness.

That's all about my fitness journey. What's yours? Mind to share? Leave me a comment below!


  1. So happy for you babe!! I used to be fat as well, but I think what changed me is after going through hard times, learn my lesson and become more positive minded day by day. I know it sounded weird but as I know, being happy every day can help as well! XD

    Keep it up!


    1. Awhh. Thanks for dropping by babe! Ikr it's all about a good mindset!

  2. Keep it up babe! I'm now in my fitness journey too but no so frequent. Gambateh together. =D

    1. Awww <3 <3 lets work for that abs tgt :3 Let hang out one day!

  3. me too! i can feel the fat in me, and it's time to sweat it out and make the hard work pays off :) gambateh!!

    1. ur not fat my dear =( But i look like an exact teapot

  4. Keep up the good work! Small changes go a long way :)

  5. keep it up.. proud of you... go girl.. keep going and motivate the rest of us lazy bums to do it too... heheheh

  6. That is the way girl! Keep fit and be healthy! Exercise like there is no tomorrow but remember to have fun while doing it! Treasure the body as we do not have extras. Hehe.

  7. wow!!! Keep it up!!! I also wan to fitness!!!

  8. Fitness required a lot of hardworks than people can imagine! Only those who went through the journey will understand, keep it up girl!

  9. Great change! one definitely has to have a change of lifestyle for the ong run and not just for a short few month and suffer during that..

  10. You looks sexy. I want to keep fit too and will follow your advice.

  11. OMG Babe I am proud of you ya =D You did a really good job deciding your fitness journey throughout the year! Continue the good work and keep it up!

  12. I am getting chubby now and I had start some light exercises. The effect might not obvious but at least it firm my body at first.

  13. I am so proud of you and keep up the good vibes. Keep workout!

  14. Inspiring! I need Some motivation too to lose my extra kilos...

  15. Good for you!! im thankful that you'd be able to share your journey through your readers. Keep Going!

  16. Keep it up. You can do it as I also active back in gym. I cut down taking too much Carbohydrate food. I can see the result in 2 weeks.

  17. You don't have to be stick thin. It's great to have a healthy body and a happy mindset.

  18. You look amazing and really happy which matters most! It's nice to be curvy too!

  19. keep up the good work. i was into fitness and dropped it for months, it's time to pick it up again! this post just came in time when i needed motivation the most. thanks babe.

  20. Very happy for you babe. I myself actually lost nearly 20kg but your fitness story really inspires me to keep fit. Have been slacking too much!

  21. You're so wonderful my dear. Keep it up and cheers :) life is fun.

  22. Good for you! Keep up the good work!

  23. Thanks for sharing your story.. Well, I need to seek back my motivation. Stopped workout for 2 months. And yes, the tummy is coming back.... ><

  24. Great that someone inspired you and you're motivated to change yourself and your mindset. Of course, what's important is that you love yourself and is confident in your own skin.

  25. i think working out also will release happy hormones which in turn makes you happier about yourself overall, for me you always look good if I do see you in person. kudos to a healthier and happier you.

  26. Keep up the good progress babe, slow & steady. Remember to never get frustrated is if you dont see immediate results


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