Saturday, December 17, 2016

KOSE Lip Gel Magic

I am finally back with a product review after so long! 
Recently, I have come across a magical cosmetic product and I just can't wait to share with all of you. I am sure everyone of us, especially girls used to apply lipstick daily, with or without makeup, applying lipstick just add a little color on the face! It helps us to look fresh and less pale. 

Have you girls come across an awkward situation where the lipstick stains all over your food, tea cup or even clothes??
Here come the KOSE Lip Gel Magic to save us from such awkward situation!
KOSE Lip Gel Magic is known as the most powerful lipstick coating gel.

With only one single swipe, it helps:

  • creating a top coat gel that helps protecting our lipstick from fading off 
  • locking the lipstick on lips so that it lasts longer
  • moisturizing our lips and gives our lips a glossy finish
KOSE Lip Gel Magic
It comes in handy palm tube size, which is just perfect to tuck in our hand bag. The design on the packaging is pretty simple, yet clearly shows its function on lipstick via the reflection of light. Seems like a reflective coat on the lipstick.

Magic Ingredients:

  • Fluorine Coating Powder - Create a gel layer that helps preventing lipstick from migrating onto other surfaces.
  • Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid - Moisture the lips, leaving it kissably-soft
  • Super Lasting Ingredients - Prevent lipstick from smearing and smudging

Texture & Scent:
It comes in a semi-opaque gel texture, without any special scent (Fragrance free)

Direction to use
Step 1: Apply any stick-type lipstick on your lips, like usual.
Step 2: Be sure to shake the magic tube with the cap on, ensuring the gel turns semi-transparent.
Step 3: Pump a tiny amount of gel on the finger tip and swipe it over  your lips.

Obviously, the lip gel magic creates a film-like layer on the lips without drying up the lips. My lipstick turns glossy!
I have did a tiny test on the Lip Gel and the results are surprisingly significant!
It is super duber transfer-proof, leaving no mark or stain behind!

*Tiny tips:
Do not rub your lips together repeatedly or even touching them with fingers.
I really love how the Lip Gel works magically on my lips. It really does a good job in making our lipstick transfer-proof. Meanwhile, it moisturizes my lips and keeping my lipstick long lasting. 

One bad side about the Lip Gel, it's kinda troublesome to apply both lipstick and lip gel on another layer. It is not a good choice if you're in a rush. Yet, it comes in a perfect size that you can carry it and apply it anytime anywhere with just a mirror in hand. 

For more information, please feel free to check out KOSE Facebook | KOSE Official Website.


  1. Awesome product! I wish I could have it. Thanks for sharing, I will get one soon!!

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  2. Wow! really looks different after you apply it ! Is easy for me to bring for travel

  3. what an interesting product... would love to try it out.... will check it out... kose is one of my trusted brands

  4. Tried this as well.. Definitely long lasting after using it but have to wait for it to dry first

  5. I seriously need this lip gel since my lips is a little dry. This will be really useful to me.

  6. Your photos are so sweet. Honestly, it is your shots that make me want to try this lip gel.

  7. It looks amazing on you. Cant wait to try this. Guess its a life saviour product for a pale face like me!

  8. seem like a good product.... will recommend to my sister... and love the color!

  9. wow this is amazing! so this works as a top coat for your lipstick. Do they have lipsticks that are transfer-proof?

    1. Haha! That's what I thought. Perhaps they come out with one. So that it's less troublesome :p

  10. I saw the review on the youtube and it was an amazing product!

  11. I read so many good reviews about this product, plan to give it a try as well :)

  12. Very nice nude colour for lips! Gonna consider buying this as Xmas exchange present xD

  13. You look so innocent sexy, so sweet. I have not try this lipcolor yet but looks moisturizing.

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