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Sunscreen for Sports | Sunplay

If you guys have been following my update on Facebook, I'm sure all of you know that I've stopped my fitness journey since I started to work as a permanent. With no choice, I have to attend to work early at 10.15am and be home late around 9pm. 
Seriously, I don't have much time commit to fitness anymore. Which I guess it's just an excuse for myself in quitting this. After all, I tried to make up my mind again, at least workout a bit on weekend.
Proudly, I did and I'm glad to have my best companion that keeps me protected from the sun - Sunplay Sport UV Lotion and Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist.
I used to travel locally all the time and I'm sure everyone of us knows the climate in Malaysia well for being hot and humid. I used to bring both Sunplay Lotion and Body Mist with me because they are just the right thing for us! 

Formulated with the Wet Skin Technology, the Sunplay Sport UV range instantly provides us with maximum sun protection even when we are in most intense activities. They are uniquely designed for being water-resistance and sweat -resistance up to 4 hours. 

The Sunplay Sport UV range is also designed with the Solarex-3 Techonology, providing a 3-in-1 defense system that protects our skin against sun damage while hydrating the skin at all times. 

Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120
Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist
Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist SPF120 PA++++comes in mist form that instantly absorbs into the skin which can be applied conveniently anytime, leaving the skin feeling cool and refreshed.

This is my very first time come across a mist type of sun block and I am really impressed! During the application, I feel my skin was soothe and cooling. It is so lightweight and comes in a quick dry formula that it absorbs into my skin swiftly within seconds, leaving zero-greasiness or stickiness on my skin. I really love the overall feeling of the mist attach on my skin, that it's totally like nothing applied on my skin, not a barrier or any layering, but totally like another breathable skin layer.

It can be applied on both body and face, either wet or dry skin. Hold 6 - 8 inches away from the skin and spray evenly. Not to spray directly on the face, but spray on palm and gently apply on the face.

Sunplay Sport UV Lotion SPF 120
Sunplay Sport Lotion SPF120 PA++++, comes in a liquid texture that is specially developed for long hours outdoor sport activities. It is water and sweat resistance which stays up to 4 hours. 

Benefits & Ingredients:
  • Photostable, Broad Spectrum UV Protection - 8 UV filters that do not break down easily under the sun, providing long lasting protection
  • Anto-Photoagaing - Contain Rona Care Ectoin and Golden Seaweed extract that help protecting the skin against premature aging
  • Intense Hydration - Contain Hyaluronic Acid that effectively hydrated the skin, keeping the skin moisture for all day long
Applicable for both face and body.
Sunplay Sport UV Lotion
I used to apply the sport lotion on my face as it doesn't whiten my skin like how the usual sunscreen will do, which I really hate about. Surprisingly, it penetrates into my skin super fast, leaving no greasiness or stickiness on my face. With the lightweight texture and quick dry formula, it prevents the product dripping off on wet skin. 
No more worries if you gonna be super sweaty during workout or even travelling to super hot climate's country. Sunplay Sport UV range will definitely back you up!
Sunplay Sport UV Range
The Sunplay Sport UV Range definitely my best choice for outdoor activities, I have no more worries even when I am sweating under the sun, because my skin is always protected.

Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120
Size                  : 165 ml
Benefit            : Water and sweat resistance, specially developed for long hours outdoor sport activities, intense hydration
Retail Price     : RM58.90

Sunplay Sport UV Lotion SPF 120
Size                  : 35 g
Benefit            : Water and sweat resistance, instantly cool, moisture and refreshes the skin
Retail Price     : RM43.50

*Available in all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.

For more information, please feel free to visit Sunplay on


  1. I use this a lot if I am on trip. The mist would be convenient too.

  2. The mist is definitely on my shopping list. Bonus points for being super easy to apply!


  3. i am so loving the sunscreen mist... easy to use and perfect coverage for on the go

  4. I travel a lot domestically and I am so tanned. No sunscreen had worked previously. Let me try your recommendation. Thanks.

  5. I'm currently using this too and I love it! Especially for the sunscreen mist!

  6. I love the mist sunscreen cos it makes reapplying so much easier when I have makeup on.

  7. Sunscreen is part of my daily basis usage. Sunscreen mist will definitely make things much more easier!

  8. That is so perfect for the summer! Thanks for recommending!

  9. With today's weather sunscreen is a must for skin health purposes

  10. using sunscreen lotion or mistvis a must for me. Before I go out, i always make sure I wear one. Or even just indoors and using my laptop! Coz laptop's radiation also causes skin damages. Another sunscreen i would like to add to my collection.

  11. they are my current sun block too. love the yellow packaging so sunshine

  12. Seems like a good product from your review.
    Will watch out for this in the shelves here.

  13. Thanks for sharing this product on your blog dear. I guess all of us are looking for a better sunblock because those out there are usually either too greasy, too white and difficult to apply.

  14. Looks like a great product. Just worried if it suits my super sensitive skin.

  15. Yes! I am so excited when I knew they came out such high SPF sumore in mist design. Damn perfect for my summer / beach vacation. :)

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