Friday, March 16, 2018

All in ONE ToothFoam | Return Legacy O'Dentee

If you guys have been following me on Instagram, you may know that I am currently into an All-in-One toothfoam - O'Dentee from Return Legacy. 

Return Legacy O'DENTEE
Yes a toothfoam! I guess toothfoam is rather a strange name for all of you. In our daily life, we have come across tooth brush, tooth paste, tooth pick and etc, but hey, what is that toothfoam? In this post, I will be sharing this toothfoam in details with all of you, telling you how amazing this toothfoam is!
O'Dentee, has totally changed my mind on the conventional toothpaste. It is a revolution, an All-in-One toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth refresher that will definitely bring the most convenience in our daily life. 

O'Dentee is crafted meticulously with the finest and quality ingredients, which is the proprietary blend of natural plant extracts, namely Lynenox (including sugar beet, licorice and perilla seed), that serves best in antibacterial properties.

O'Dentee helps to
  • clean and strengthen our teeth/ gum 
  • relieves bad breath (which is best to use right before you meet clients or going for an interview)
  • break down tooth stains (which is best for coffee and tea lover)
  • reduce oral bacteria and protect our oral from diseases/ infections
As seen in the picture, O'Dentee comes in slight dilute liquid and white foamy texture, unlike the ordinary creamy toothpaste or liquify mouthwash.

It comes in 2 flavors,  green as Mint and orange as Lemon Salt.
I prefer mint over lemon salt flavor as it is much intense in taste and scent. It leaves my mouth with a refreshing minty scent, accompanied by a slight spiciness aftertaste. Whereas, for lemon salty flavor, it is less intense, not spicy yet it leaves my mouth with some salty aftertaste, accompanied by slight lemon scent.
Direction to use:
Dispense 4 to 5 pumps of O'Dentee into your mouth.
Swirl it in your mouth for 15 seconds and spit out / OR / you may use it with a toothbrush.

Easy peezy!

Price & Size:
RM33 (WM) RM36 (EM) | 50ml
That's all about the amazing creation - Return Legacy O'Dentee. I guess it brings a little fun into our routine oral care life LOL. No more excuse for you to skip brushing teeth! This is just the perfect item for those with braces, city dwellers who lives a hectic life, travelers, smokers and coffee/ tea lovers. 

What I love about O'Dentee:
Personally I love how compact in size of the tooth foam is, which is so easy and convenient to be carry around. I can simply tuck in my handbag and carry it all around with me. I will definitely bring it along whenever I travel.
The compact size wise, I love the easy application (as it just needed to be pump into the mouth) that will never mess up my clothes (like the running fluid that flow all the way down). 
As mentioned earlier, I love the minty one so much. It comes with an aftertaste of minty feeling, that i can instantly feel that my oral has been well cleansed. I feel fresh and clean.

Performing oral has never been this easier with O'Dentee!

For more information, feel free to check out Return Legacy on


  1. This is my first time to hear this product. It looks really interesting and good dental care. I will definitely check this out.

  2. Serious this is the 1st time I heard about the toothfoam!! Like interesting!!

  3. Do they have this is kids' version? I imagine this could be perfect for kids who doesn't like to brush their teeth. :)

  4. Huh! Never seen this brand. It seems like very interesting.It still taste like toothpaste? hahaha

  5. It does looks fun to try! I like how you use it too =) First time heard about this brand and it convince me already!

  6. Look so special leh~ I haven't try this kind of product before.

  7. HHmm kinda difficult to change the perception of foam for mouth, when I have always liked it to facial cleanser. Would give it a short and see if I end up spraying this one my face and facial cleanser into my mouth. HAHAHA

  8. woopp.. this seems so interesting. wanna try this also.. i wonder how it feels of having foam instead of paste type... lolz..


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