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Current Favorite Beauty Products | THE FACE SHOP

Ola people! How was your Chinese New Year break?
In this post, I will be sharing some of my favorite beauty products from THE FACE SHOP. This is my very first time receiving products from THE FACE SHOP and they are just in time for this Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is not at all about dressing up nicely but also bright radiance skin complexion and ong ong lips!
So, what's in the box? Anti-darkening Cushion and 6 shades from the Flat Lipstick range (4 velvet and 2 glossy). Those lipstick shades just enough for me to use alternatively from the 30th night till Chor 5 LOL.

Anti-Darkening Cushion

THE FACE SHOP Anti Darkening Cushion
With no doubt, I am all down for the packaging. White-pink stripes, with an embossed silver logo at the center, simply girly yet gives a tiny hint of boudoir sensation. Somehow like awakening the soul of a sweet teenage girl within the body of a young lady.

The Anti-Darkening Cushion
  • comes with sun protection at SPF50+ PA+++
  • helps reducing the appearance of aging signs (wrinkles, fine lines)
  • helps brightening the skin and even up the skin tone naturally
  • helps concealing the imperfections on the skin
Like the usual cushion, the texture is pretty much like the foundation company by a refreshing floral scent.
Upon the application, with only a pump with the sponge, it is good enough to cover the half face. 
Unlike the usual cushion that gives a slight white cast on the skin, I love how the foundation blends into my skin tone, it is so much natural, leaving my skin in a velvet finish yet with some moisture within. 
With the comparison above, I am surprised that the coverage of the foundation is amazing, in only one time of application,09 with no build up needed on the dark circle area. My skin turns out smoother and brighter. Absolutely flawless!

As the foundation is quite moisture, it turns out slight oily after long hours. Hence, primer is important to do the sebum-control job or you may just dab away the excess oil with tissue. 
It is now my all time favorite foundation!

Flat Lipstick

THE FACE SHOP Flat Lipstick
Here comes my favorite part - Flat Lipstick in Velvet and Glossy range.
I guess you see how unique the tip is, it is in flat tube shape! It is claimed to provide a define finish on the lips, preventing colors from feathering or bleeding upon application. I am starting to love the flat tube shape as it is pretty easy to draw on the cupid bow, extending to the outer corner of the lips.
The packaging itself is pretty minimal, in classic black tube and a colored cap that helps differentiating each shades and range. Hence, for velvet lipstick, the cap is matte texture whereas for glossy lipstick, the cap is in gloss finish.

What's in the flat lipstick range?
They consists of 5 types of natural oil (Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil & Calendula Oil) for perfect moisturization and trouble relief, in order to helps soothing the lips, preventing it from cracking.
Here are the swatches on the 6 lipsticks that I received earlier. From top, top 4 shades from the velvet range and the botton 2 shades from glossy range.
Personally, I love the velvet range over glossy range. I love how intense the color is, I love the pigmentation, as well as the powdery matte finish. It is smooth on the lips, with no stickiness, it doesn't dry up the lips and super easy to glide on the lips. It is not at all transfer proof yet it does a good job on the longevity, just slight fade off near the inner lips part after meal.

In terms of the glossy range, I love the shade Cassis Red. The color appear to be more vivid as compare to the Orange Punch shade. The Orange punch is way sheer on first application, it need more build up to get the intense finish. I am still a fans of this range, as it gives a shiny finish on my lips! More dimensional and juicy!

If you are a fans of K-pop and wanna create some gradient lips, velvet range is a good choice to go for. Whereas glossy range is good for a bold full lips. Depends on your occasions, you may just opt for shades in glossy range or velvet range, as they are just good enough to fit in your bag on-the-go!

For more information, please feel free to check out THE FACE SHOP on 


  1. nampak perbezaan memakai chusion tu

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  3. I pun suka pakai chusion sebab wajah kita nampak lagi berseri

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  6. Anti-darkening cushion looks like worth a try for me, to cover the imperfections on my face, and there are many! Thanks for the recommendation. I'm gonna aim for it more than the lipsticks. LOL

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  8. This Anti-Dark Cushion looks really good and worth to try. I really need this for my dark spot area.

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