Monday, October 10, 2011

Run For Peace + Chia's B'Day~*

sorry for late
suppose to update my post on last week
but no choice
i was having exam on the next day

actually we had join the "Run For Peace" event
which held under Soka Gakkai Malaysia
on 2th of October

one day before that..
we were hanging out at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang
first of all, we had our dinner at Kimgary
OMG! we were shocked as we saw there were so crowded
it was about 8pm

our photos :

                 The birthday girl, Chia 
 Our fancy desserts...hmmm..=p

 at Nichii

At chia's aunt house

the sign =)

 rolling and having pillow chat on the bed =D

It's the day!!!
we anticipated..
In the morning
the crowd..o.O
about 8000+  people joined this meaningful event

u cant feel the awesome and lively atmosphere if u are not there
it's totally amazing!  
everyone was so energetic  and keen to run for such a long 8km distance
everyone was in orange and it's really a grand sight!

 we did some painting on our face..ta daa ~ =D
 we started to run at about 8am
within an hour 3 of us finish the run =)
Finish---> end of the run
all of us were so exhausted and tired

 haha..there was a person lying on the field ..tired huh?
after the run, you can collect your goodies here and certificate of participation will be given

drinks were prepared , milo and isotonic drinks
 orange rubbish bins were prepared oso ...=D
toilet ---> this way
first aid area...

colorful balloons were flying all over the sky

the colorful bulletin board
"what can we do for peace?"
 "even the kids and old folks took part in this run"
(some of them held their dog and ran together with them
while some parents pushing the perambulator,carrying their baby)

"As a youth,what are you waiting for?"
"Come on!let's Run For Peace"

continued for chia's birthday

happy birthday,darling!  

P/s: chia's 18th birthday video

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