Sunday, November 20, 2011

First try on Photo Shooting♥

I've been asking my cousin to have photo shoot for me many times
i was so curious and wanna have a try on photo shoot

as i read those blog
i was so fascinated by the photos they captured
like JaneChuck, HilaryGio, Josheen and etc..

 when i was reading
i was like come they are so gorgeous!
i was so jealous that they have long feet..
that made them so pretty in their dress
and i was mad like how about mine..
height for me is really a sensitive issue
i think i am lesser than *fourfeetnine*

but there's nothing shameful,
i think i look cute and young in my height!
everyone said that!


lets back to our topic on photo shooting
actually its my friend's assignment

Photo shooting is not that easy job
its was a tiring job
not only the photographer but also the model

we did make-up and the hair for about 2 hours ++
and the photo shooting section lasted for about 4 hours

1st shooting is kinda hot and rock style
i quite love the feeling on the photos
its quite sexy haha!
my friend said my hair look fake! like a wig?! lol

2nd shooting is a bit sexy and sophisticated
i felt so sorry as i cant give the kind of feeling that my friend(the photographer) requested
cant do any eye contact to the cam =(
shooting in the luggage..and the feeling its like naked?LOL
its really awkward as my friend asked me to imigine that i am in the bath tub

3rd shooting is kinda cute and casual feeling

i love the furry stuff so much! its look so kawaii,
have a japanese feeling rite? hehe
i look so alike with japanese series girl ?haha
i am so ego =P
P.s: there's come to the end of the post..
thanksssss for reading
and dun forget to keep reading and catch up my blog..YAYyy


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