Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friends' Day~*

There's been a long time
"Four in One" did not gather together "completely"
till here maybe you will wonder..
"who the heck are Four in One?"
its a combination of Liana,Chia, Elvene and Me!
yeah..we are kinda funny
as before that we going to call ourself "girls generation"
haha..that's so stupid!
after reading this post you may more understand about my "crazie life"!

today , we went to Timesquare for one day trip
actually i was there to accompany my brother buying clothes =.=
so i dragged my friends to accompany me too
(thankie my friends!Muackx <3 *touching*)

hmm..its my 1st time been to timesquare
there's alot of clothes, shoes and accessories
if you are a shopaholic like me (and you prefer cheaper clothes)
you may suit there =)

Look of the day
let's go!
 wow, Timesquare was well decorated by Christmas stuff
and here's the Gigantic Christmas tree!
as we know christmas is around the corner
before start shopping, all of us have some food at Kimgary
so we have enough energy to walk for thousand kilometers
 my bro, Ah why
*he is so wanted to be famous*
i love my smile (although it is not nice)
but i love that becox as i smile, my eyes will smile too =P
my friends

after walking around timesquare floor by floor
we made our decision to shop at Bukit bintang
before that , we quenched our thirst at Snowflake
 we were *checking in* via Facebook =D
 sea amber jelly
it was so tasty! especially the bubble, it is so "Q"
u can try on it..
my great intro=)
 the best sellers, not bad too
 with taro balls
later on, we shopped around bukit bintang
this is the shop which limited to "18PL"
hehe, i bet you know what's inside
none of us dare to go in , although we were really curios and wanted to go in!
its so awkward and we wonder ...
"Is that normal ? if girls go into this kind of shop?"
(it may look weird, and if how the supervisor staring at us)

as we thought , bukit bintang will be more clothes to shop on compare to timesquare
but we were wrong =(
we cant buy the things we want at bukit bintang
so ,
we went to timesquare again!
its fucking tired, we keep walking and we did not rest !
luckily , i bought the Tee i desperate on so long!
my Tee with "british" flag sign on it
i love this so much <3
next time i will try on it and show you guys some picha =D

Review: i think i wont be there again anymore, especially bukit bintang
rushing on train and bus , walking non-stop is totally exhausted !
cant stand that!


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