Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Attempt on babysitting~*

i have been teaching in kindergarten before,
after a few months been with them
i hate kids
Till NOW
my principle do not change
i still hate kids too
i know they are really cute and innocent
but they are also extremely naughty, playful, mischievous and love to cry!

First baby that i helped my mum to take care of
*making eye contact with the camera *
 *the disdain and evil eyes*
 *a big and warm smile*
*act cute*
 *cant stand my camera flash* LOL
 *act innocent*

the above photos showed that
this baby is really cute ,chubby
 you will feel like so wanted to take care of him
and play around with him
he will really bring you joy and happiness

also troubles!!!
babysitting is not an easy job as you think
besides taking care of them,
give them enough food and sleep,
you need to make sure the baby is "SAFE" enough
so they wont get hurt and have a big swollen or "deep brown" mark of their parts of body

if you have been with a baby who is between 1 to 3 years old
you will know
they are really love to crawl and walk around.
to satisfied their demand on curiosity
they love to touch things that they curious on
as we know they can be described to be having "EXTRA hands"
its quite disturbing and troublesome!
to solve this problems,
you can either hug them in your arms
if your arms is enough muscular and you can hang them on your arms for hours
make them sleep

some babies who are new to an environment will always love to cry
so, you need to act like a clown to make them happy
make those sounds like "ANG GUGU" "OI LA " "SAYANG" "HALOO" "GUGU GAGA"
Do i look like a clown?
"100 percent satisfactory!"
contact me ! if you want someone for babysitting!

LOL, i am just joking around!
In a nutshell,
you need to look after them from time to time
you have no time to rest ,go toilet or even text with your beloved one =(
becox you need to keep an eye on them in every second!
Behind the scene
 *hardworking baby reading an electronic toy-book*
 *touch this and that*

thanks for reading !
i think you will gain quite alot of information here on babysitting!
haha, by the way Christmas is around the corner
here's some picha shared

and wish you guys earlier with a word of
"Merry Christmas!"
 "Do I look great in my Christmas Hat?" =P
Review: I think you wouldn't want to have a baby in the future like me,
if you hate troublesome
so, if you want a baby in the future
you shouldn't make the trouble for yourself but others
Get a babysitter!


  1. nice~ haha
    i have been teaching kindergarten for half year too... but i don't really hate them~
    flash back to when i did the same thing before....hahaha
    somtime i'll get my anger up angry and scold, but after that i feel so sorry about that,bcoz they r innocent! so i always bought a lot of candies for them~~ haha~ good luck to your day^^

  2. haha! i used to shout like a mad woman in the kindergarten, they are really annoying la..
    i m not that patient people like you=)
    you are more suit in this job=)
    as u love kids and patient enuf


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