Monday, June 4, 2012

It's My 19th B'day!!!!!

I really cant wait to blog about this!
i was super duper happy for all the planning which were going so well!
everything was just so fine !
and better than what i have expected!
before that i thought i was just so fantasy lol 
P.s: 19 is just a number..
as we grow, we gained more experience and we learnt from the mistakes
we keep on moving till our last breath..
live a better life instead of making your life miserable and nothing memorable 
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
It was my 19th birthday !  Nine-Teen
it seems like everyone telling me that i am leaving Teen-age soon LOL
*not to round off the number,pls*
i was really glad when i saw hundreds of b'day wishes and greeting on my FB 
it's mean so much to me
i really appreciate

It's kinda long ass post..LOL
full of photos!
i gonna crap alot here xD

2nd of June..

Thank you mummy for the cake #ILoveYou
Guess my wish ?? xD
 after the celebration with parents, i went out with my brada :)
Lunch time ~
first try on India cuisine dishes at Tar bush, Sunway Pyramid
 check out the breathtaking scenery there, u can see the Sunway Lagoon!
 This is my date for today =)
he brought Polaroid instant camera with him!!!
Instant camera's function:  snap a photo and it'll immediately come out with a photograph (Polaroid)

Do u see how it's work?!
i was having so much fun with that
since i was a camwhorer LOL
Uh,Favorite chocolate again =D
 Good service LOL
he was cutting the chicken into pieces for me * sweet lor*
Camwhored  in the car :)
 still playing with the instant camera ! xD
Later on, we watched *Snow white and the huntsman* in the club? 
with the royale popcorn which cost Rm29 OMG
"It was just popcorn and its cost so heavy
maybe the container is special =0 "
see how special was it? It was made in METAL and was bit blinky !!!
after the movie, we dined at Jogoya, Starhill !

 Time to nom nom =D

cookies :D
Of course i wouldn't miss out my desserts lol
*cooking lah, dont disturb *
CAMWHORE time ..Rawrrrr xD

 Acting stupid =P
simply snapping after dining xD
the fresh red carnations at each floor and the amazed chandelier 
someone was sleepy
 The night scenery at starhill was really awesome..
crowded with human and also cars =.=
Best thing always lasted at the end..
It's really surprised me!!! >~<
 the romantic pink roses which i got the 2nd bouquet in my life lol
Cake which he purposely drove to Kota damansara and bought for me =D

 u saw the lotus candles ? OMG ! it's really amazing! 
it pop up and spin !somore come out with b'day song!!!
*first time i saw this* (i am caveman ) LOL
cut the cake in the car, so yeng !

 then he gave me This!

 i played with it for the whole day and i didnt even think about that i got ONE Nao!!!
he told me that the kitty stuff was limited edition!
Thank you for everything!!!
i was totally got into madness when i saw this! i was on cloud nine that time and i cant even got into sleep that night!
*maybe i was too burdened with dopamine*
Best present i ever received 
*laugh with insanity*


3th of June..
i spend my day with my bitches =)
*it was also first time* hehe
i kinda afraid that they FFK me LOL
but usually they always do last- minute decision 
and they didnt turn me down eventually =D

we watched Piranha 3D-D which i was so excited and eager with at One-U! 
*the place which we always hang out at*
i was about to experience
the level of scariness - bloodiness - terrorism
ain't going to compare the fake or real piranha=,=
and my comment on that movie was not bloody enough yet its still nice lol

 in the cinema , it was just a few people..
guess what's the time we went for the movie??
its 11am ! LMAO
damn early..we are early-bird actually
prefer having activities in the morning
coz only that time we are only activated lol
 *best dressed of the day* xP
 visited our friends who worked there =D
this is Yukie

then, we have lunch together  at Sushi Zanmai
OMG,People mountain people sea
and a lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong queue =.='
 tried on my new instant cam xD
*not bad* haha
Chia was reading the menu
*the book which she spend most time on compare to books in school LOL*
 while waiting our friends who worked there to join us, we snapped picha!
 personal autograph lol
*look gorgeous rite??* xD
 P-E-A-C-E ----- ^^V
My tummy was totally full with rice ..
full till dead

after lunched , we did some shopping
I wonder since when we are all so in love with shopping 
and thus turn into a shopaholic =0

previously, we just sing K and watch movie
we didnt like to do any shopping
but we did quite alot recently and mad with it
well..that's the story =D

gonna end up with my "Thank-you Speech" xD :

Firstly, i would like to thank my mum who gave birth to me ,if not i wouldnt be here to share all these happiness 
thanks all my family members who celebrated my b'day for 19 years  and with the continuous year too
*ah why, mummy , sista and my beloved daddy *
Secondly, i would like to thank a guy who treated me the best and brought lotsa surprised for me ,i ady gave a "thank you -speech" to him , ur really lovely 
*Kokweng- Brada*
Thirdly, i would like to thank my JiMui , thanksss that u guys purposely save time for me 
and didnt FFK , i was so lucky lol , i really enjoy shopping with u guys, perhaps our friendship will last till the end 
 Thanksss elvene for this cloth , i love it so much =D
Fourthly, i would like to thank a guy who played a b'day song for me with piano on Cubie, 
its really so sweet and romantic
Fifthly, i would like to thank a boobless girl who gave me 13 missed call 
and greeted me strike 12am 
Sixthly,  i would like to thank a girl who bought me Leehom's mug as b'day gift early on March 
*Irene Ting*
 Thanksss Irene , i will appreciate this mug =D
 Lastly, i would like to thank my FB and Twitter friends who greeted and wished me =D


  1. Happy birthday yaRR~
    Pretty^^still remember me??

    1. haha...ur ? u just followed me on Insta rite ? :)

  2. OMG ! I dunno that you post something about me in your blog ! :| walao weihh ! welcome lah <3 as long as you happy , nothing already ^^ love you <3
    PS: sorry ya, now I only know that you write about me in your blog, very late la ._. seriously sorry ><


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