Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo cheating skill (Make your eyes larger)

i am NOT the girl who doesnt like to make up
and i believe make up is a life which a woman should have

ei..u think making up is easy ar??
it's also need lotsa skills leh
and also the skill in photo-edit
its quite a tough job actually
my pre-post photos cheating skill got lotsa support from u guys, really TQ so much =)

we dont make up to draw attention from a man
 we dont make up for the man to love us more
we dont make make up for anyone but ourself
This is the way to love our self more

its not hard to say "embrace your self, embrace your flaws and embrace your everything"
but do you want more than that?
if there is a way to change the flaws become flawless??
change yourself to a better person?
would u prefer that more?

i always jealous when i saw a girl who is so popular on FB
she can have about 30+ LIKES in a minute
i jealous when i saw a girl who has long skinny feet
she wore nice , pretty clothes and 
she always look pretty at any angle 
she can wear any clothes without bother that maybe the singlet will make her arms look fat ,etc
i jealous when i saw a group of pretty girls captured photos together
and they earned 1000+ LIKES

of course i jealous, i am a human being
i jealous about their perfectness 
i will jealous on the things that i dont and i cant have
you are totally  lying to yourself if u dont jealous on anything and u satisfied with all u have
i always wanted to have gorgeous face features
Ang-Mo (foreigners) thick double eyelid
sexy lips like Shu- Qi
sharp nose 
sophisticated body shape like the stars
i also wanna be like angelababy what
but my mum gave birth to me and i was born this way
i cant change my gene 
i have no choice to change the fact

maybe i can change my hair style ?
clothing ?
A small changes can make us look better

There's once my friend told me that they google-d me
they type my name and they saw me on
and there's my once-a-go photo ..erk....
my N-Years photo =.=
do i really look like jerk? uh...

this is overview of my looks ...

 this is the lately one

the face still look chub chub make up is actually focus on eyes

over the "years" i think i have edited thousand photos..
more than that i think = =''
and this is how i created my own edit skills and it develops till now

gonna share abit here
ingeminate here that
i am using 美图秀秀

go thru some photos first:

after going tru this photos
do u spot anything?
changes of the eyes?
issit bigger?

absolutely,if u aren't blind, u can see the difference lol

previously i am using "眼睛放大" to bigger my eyes
but then in some photos , the effect look so obvious
it will like kinda blurry the "eyes' part" in the photo
 using "眼睛放大“effect
i dont really prefer this, i feel it makes my eyes look not that balance

i am not telling u this effect isnt good, but i just created an opt for u
using "瘦身瘦脸"
to bigger the eyes

just use to drag the area on your eyeball
lift the area of ur eyelid
u can balance the shape of your eyes well
make ur eyes longer or rounder either way
ps: a second opt for u

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