Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outdoor photoshoot (BTS)

i gathered all my experiences for being a model
it's really tough!
spending hours under the camera
isn't as easy as you seen from tv and magazine

we spent about 3 hours on make up and setting hair,
really exhausted.

it's not just simply posting and capture job 
it's related to your gesture and feeling which the photographer can feel it
and co-related to the photographer concept

especially the outdoor shooting
we may stay for few hours under the sun or sometimes we may face the rain too
this was my first outdoor shooting
and i would love to share some photos which is Behind the scene
this aren't the photographer's "product"
but our assistant @Liana LOL

gonna show u my outfit first, 
dramatic make-up
(the photographer want the dramatic and wavy feeling)

middle fringe + wavy hair
white dress, look elegant lol
our avenue
KTM station, port klang
 There seems a hotspot and favorite of photographer
when we reached there, we saw quite alot of people snapping photos

it's kinda windy there
i wondering what am i doing =.=

 snapping photo with the train
 molesting the "tiang" 0_0

walking back and fro the railway for countless time 
and keep posting when walking

act cute xD

Best shot :

a shit-ting post lol

well,let's check out the photographer @chency posting now
for getting the best shot, she tend to do any posture xD
 #1 climbing
 #2 crawling post lol
 #4 lotsa pattern xD

personal portrait:

 TQ our assistant and photographer :)


ended this post with my favorite photos on Insta :)

P.s: admit that, finally i found my nose and eyes after make-up, the skills and make-up by @chency

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