Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hair #FAIL !

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guess what am i busying with today? xD

i have went through some hair tutorials today!
since i am so obsessed on @cheesie's hairstyle ! 

and this is what i've done !

Harajuku cat ears hairstyle !
actually i am going to imitate this, but

i have tried on this too
Gaga Hair Bow!
 lets check out mine !
wow..seems not bad .hehe

haha, i think this hair bow is kinda success xD
but its kinda messy and tiny one
 #FAIL again!

 but i am quite satisfied oredi's my first try xD
be optimistic abit haha!
hair tutorial? =P
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P.S: tonight gonna watch LeeChongWai and Lindan match on badminton!
i think this will be our first gold medal
we are proud of You, Chongwei!
stay tune =D


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