Monday, August 20, 2012

What's on man's mind?

Recalled what i have experienced last few days..

i attended a dinner event at SM. ZhongHua at Kuala Lumpur
it's an event for their school EX-students
i was kinda excited ..(i love to attend functions and events)
and i dressed in a proper manners low cut and ankled-length blue dress (because it's a school event)

my friend ,sister , aunt and I were at the same table
and some other strangers..
a man was sitting next to me, apparently he look 40 + age and seems to have a wife
The man was trying to be nice to me and so did i, trying to be polite wtf.

"how old are you?"
"i'm 19"
"are you the ex-student from this school?"
"No, i am sitting for stpm"
"you look so young"
"do you have any name card?"
"No,i am still a student" (are you deaf ? i told you i am student ,Or you meant for student cards?)

later on, he kept on refilled the drinks for me and asked me whether wanna eat this or that.
(i thought it's a proper table manners )

before we left, he popped out with this questions
"Could we exchange phone number?"
"erkk....arh....." (this is weird)
"Ah, i just wanna make friends with you"
"harrr?" (Uncle, i did think that we have generation gaps)
"where do you live?"
"HArrrr?" (wtf ?)

OMG, i wonder if i am an over-thinking person or what, 
but i am sure this conversation full of intention!
i really have no idea what he wanna do with my number 
but obviously from age , there's a HUGE gap 
and my friend told me he kept looking at me with his creepy eyes, it's like a pervert

Followed by the advancement of science and technologies, the mind of humans did change too =.=
i don't know what's on his mind.
OR he think that i look like his daughter /granddaughter wtf?
OR he just wanna be friend?(but i dont think there is a man wanna make friend with you on your first met and the victim is a youth, and the man is a MAN with wife)
OR he is really a pervert?
OR a mate wtf ? (go get your wife or a prostitute)
OR he love SMS? (No way! what conversation can we have?"dad and daughter" conversation?)

full of possibility, but i always did bad imaginations, i think he wanna get a young GF wtf
and under this situation, we quoted it as "老牛吃嫩草''
it means an old man wanna get a young woman as GF/ wife

Proof for that dinner:

Besides that, i have been once be disturbed by a man (foreigner/waiter) at a restaurant near my school compound
First met, he gave me and my friends new tissue packs for free (just our table, got free tissues)
Second met, free drinks for me only
Last met, free drinks for me only
wtf, i never been there again since that ...=.=

GOD, what happen to all these Men?
brain- fucktard?
Girls be aware of this!

Ps: For certain man, not ALL


  1. hahah, your blog always make me laugh weihh ! :p especially the convo between the old man xD Between , he is kinda weird ._. for me , I also will think that he want to chase you :p Holy GOSH XD maybe he is too lonely for this is his attitude ? :p And you wear that dress is nice ^^ on fb, you asked which one to wear right ? :p I choose BLUE ! :3 is suit you a lot ! :) Between , you look pretty , good and AWESOME ! :3

  2. LOL..thanks for the praising haha! BTW, i am glad that you love to read my blog, keep reading yay =D

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