Friday, August 31, 2012

The fate of "P" license owner

Hey, did you just get your driving license?
You are the "P" owner now (for two years)

Let's count the benefits of being a "P" driver:

-People hates you, your are SLOW
(they love to cut your queue in the same lane, showing off how experienced are they as F1 racer)

- People prefer using HON on you 
(when you needs 5 minutes to park your car especially side-parking, we actually given about 5 minutes to park a car in exam and even at T-junction)

- People always love to use headlamp to FLASH you
 (so that you get to the left lane /drive faster on the fast lane, P driver should keep on left lane)

- People loves to SCOLD you 
with hand signs and bad words
("can this P license get aside ar, block the road, they think this is their grandfather's road?"-safety please)

- People loves to KEEP A DISTANCE from your car 
if our cars are virus
(especially at the steep roads where you are waiting for the traffic lights )

- We are always WRONG
(especially when an accident happen, people will blame on you that they say you are inexperienced driver, so it's all your fault--they loves to take advantage of us)

- We are always been THREATEN
(especially during an accident, they will try to threat you by saying "then go report lor" as P driver afraid of marks being deduct in License Demerit Points , this may cause you to lose your P license as your points accumulate when you commit offenses )

- We PAY more
(Because of fear, we tend to solve accident privately which mean without involves the police, as it's always been our fault, we compensate others by money )

There was once that my friend was driving on the road (it's like highway), a driver hit my friend's car at the back. Yet, the driver said it's my friend's faulty. How ridiculous??
He said that my friend was reversing and thus hitting his car 
(it means my friend's car's ass kissed his car's head)

Oh my god, will you reverse at the highway?

it really sound so ridiculous...
To prevent troubles, my friend compensated him ..----we PAY more

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