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LeeHom - The Music Man II (20130328)

I still remember how i got to know Leehom, when i was 15, where all the friends around me mad over Leehom. They used to talk about Leehom everyday, listen to Leehom's song and read every single news of him in class while teacher was teaching.

I started to listen to his songs which my friend recommended, especially love songs.
Surprisingly, they were so nice and touched every single inches in my heart.
I know I got to know more about him.

I Google-d about him, stay updated to his Meebo and fans club, collected his poster in magazines, attended his showcase, bought his CDs and book.

I admire Leehom that he is showing his passion and love in music, determine in pursuing his own dream.
Besides, he is not only a  good-looking and talented guy, he has great personality indeed, he is active and willing to contribute in charity events, personally sponsors over 20 underprivileged children throughout the world.
*everybody knows*

For this opportunity, I've attended Leehom Music Man II Concert at Genting.
Although the concert just lasted for 3 hours yet it will eternally stay in my mind and heart, i believe that you will too if you love leehom like i do.

Few more hours before the concert started,I can't believe that i will be watching Leehom at VIP zone for the entire night.
Untill, my friend whatsapp-ed me this..
Ohmigod, it's VIP tickets, no joke weih..
Commemorate the moment i got this VIP tickets lol
Partner of the day, Jeffrey!
This fellow got me VIP tickets.
Actually he's not fancy about Leehom, he just accompanied me, sitting beside me, watching me shout like a mad woman, capture photos of me and Leehom plus help to carry my bag lol!
Thank you so much for everything!

This the outside view of Arena of Stars before the concert started.
So crowded.
 Besides the souvenir selling counters, there's also a photo booth set up by Seiko! (Leehom is an ambassador of Seiko's watch)
Of course i will never miss any chance to grab Leehom's stuff as souvenir for the memory of attending his concert for the first time !
Souvenir bought!

After that, we were urged to be seated.
Surprisingly, we were seated at First row of VIP zone wtf!!!
This was crazy!!
See!! i was just a step away from the stage.
Ohmigod, the feeling was amazing as i just got to see him once for few minutes only during the last showcase at One-Utama, 2 years ago? *throwback*

I was so happy that I was going to watch him for hours and so freaking closely.
The VIP zone.

The concert started with a short video of Leehom strike 8.30pm.

Not to write that much, let's the photos speak for me. LOL

After the long awaiting, Leehom appeared with the song of 火力全開 and his dance
(yeah..he CAN dance)
This song has boosted the atmosphere of concert!
All the fans got real High over the passed 3 hours.

Leehom melted everyone's heart when playing his famous love song, 你不知道的事 with piano
He sang"getaran jiwa" from P.Ramlee(Malaysian singer) while blinking his eyes lol.. so cute..
Well, the concert's atmosphere went up to the peak when Leehom danced with a girl while singing 你這麼美
Both of them were so close with one another, it made all the girls shrieked like hell with
"No, No"
"You can not"
*breaking all the girls' hearts*
This dancer named Cecilia

God, jealous to the max :'(

I love to watch leehom playing his violin, so cool
 Playing songs like 落葉歸根,朱莉葉 to show how great was his musical ability..

Leehom sang his songs in Acapella version with combinations of 10 songs.

Again, Leehom with his erhu!

Leehom with his favorite guitar 哈姆雷特!

The concert went smoothly and it continued by Leehom singing with his fans' club "HOManiacs" with the song 愛因為在心中

The combination of visual with music in the concert!
Performing 改變自己

 The concert ended up with Leehom's peace out dance, Ohmigod, so cute :3
Performing 12個生肖
 Besides that, Leehom did come over and shook hands with his fans including me hahaha.
 It has been few weeks that i didn't wash my hands

I knew no one will believe this  even me, myself. But it did happen!
During the concert, he did look at me and waved his hand .
God, i will never forget this moment.

P/s: All the photos captured by Casio tr150

For more photos of leehom
Link 1: Music Man II (photos)
Link 2: Music Man II (photos 2)

Ended up this post with a  photo of me with leehom hahaha

Yay! Looking forward the next concert :D

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