Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013 @mid valley!

It's Spring/ Summer Fashion Week at Mid Valley!
Surprisingly this time, I was invited to A Cut Above Hair Show as a student of Amber Chia Academy (ACA)instead of medias LOL
In honor to celebrate 34 years of prominence, A Cut Above rocked the runway with a showcase of skills, the hair show was aptly titled ‘Amazing 34’.

It was a jaw-dropped show, fabulous clothes and fantastic makeup!
I've learnt a lesson from this show too.
As there's something happened unexpectedly.
A model fell down ,on the stage.
I think she can't see the staircase clearly AND she was wearing pair of 11'inches heels.
*Think twice before laughing at she*

As a professional model, she stood up and continued her catwalk, bearing the unimaginable pain with overwhelmingly mixture of feelings and emotions,she walked slowly with the heels, posing without  a sense of fear.
*loud of applauds from audience*
 This was a great experience, I saw how much the audience admire the professionalism of the model. And how the model handled this kinda awkward situation.

You could never imagine what kinda life that a model having under those glamorous look and reputation.
Beside wearing clothes that they can never expect till the show starts, they need to endure all kind of physical tortures with hair (all sort of styling), feet (heels), face (thousand pounds of makeup) and body (spray for effects).
So, please don't laugh at them when they fall, they do fall, but they do stand up too.
This is what we are taught since infant, in our life.

So, here are some photos to share during the show! 

Theme of the week:Cotton candy! *adorable*
By the way ,there's also Cotton candy cart with gives away !
After doing our registration, we headed to Photo booth!


 Camho at the entrance! Representative of ACA lol
 Live band!

#Streets & Punk by Sam Chau and team

 #The Queens by Joe T’ng, which explores the feminine side of men

 *LOL sorry for the mistook view of  a couple who were camho-ing. They were just right in front of me*

#Obsessed by Faevien Yee, the collection is a cross between superheroes and sci – fi fiction, a fantasy – like reality where one is obsessed by self consumption and power.
 *Ohmigod, this was impressive*
*I wonder he/she can see the way anot? 0.o *

Besides the hair show, we were also entertained by a creative dance and singing!

Crystal Lee, who is only 9 was performing Price Tag *awesome*

The show ended up with a group photo of all the models and hair teams!

Thanks for the goodies bag from A Cut Above and L'Oreal!

Tried the Force Vector Hair masque, omg, my hair has become really silky.
Especially girl like us, should really take good care of our long hair since we used to tong or straighten our hair. 

 Resources : here

By the way, we (ACA) are having a graduation show at Paradigm Mall this Friday, 3rd of May!
Feel free to visit us and check out our graduate/gurus' masterpiece!


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