Sunday, April 21, 2013

Puma Suede Finale Party 2013! #ForTheStreet

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Again !A big thank you to my friend, Chency for inviting me to attend this party as her partner .

The invitation card
I thought I’d share some pictures and updates on the Evolution of Suede Finale Party at Capsquare Hall KL.

For more details on PUMA Suede Story
My outfit of the day! I don't think it's actually appropriate at this party with the theme of sporty and stylo ..zzz

A snap that's bit the FARRRrrrrr LOL
I always dress like a princess xD 
Okay, elegant look of the day !
 A photo of me with my partner!
After doing our registration at the counter, we captured some photos at the photo booth!

 With the huge PUMA suede!
 They weren't the biggest suede!
The gigantic one! Look like a bath tub meh xD
There's a competition ongoing which you can stand a chance to win a pair of PUMA Suede by sharing a photo on Instagram with the #ForTheStreet #MY @PUMA

 See how creative was this fellow LOL

Bring you guys to the scene inside!

There're lotsa medias and bloggers in this party!
So awkward that we didn't know anyone there.

A photo of us at the entrance!

They were designing the Suede!
Besides, there's also Suede Display counter!
The Leopard print one, so lovely
This was my favorite one,entitled "Glow in the Dark"
How can this Joane be so creative?! *thumbs up*
People can sort you out easily in a club when you wear this Suede LOL..never afraid of falling off from stairs or what haha! It can be a guidance for us, just like a torch light!

 It's a blasting night!We were also entertained with dance performance, B-Box and other interesting activities.

Graffiti design (live) on wall!

Camho of us!

As always, ended up with a photo of me :D
Thanks for reading and Keep reading. 

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