Sunday, August 18, 2013

A party where Girls got themself Pampered! #2

Continued from the previous post. It will be fulled of my bared faces' photos wtf.

After an energy- consuming mini fashion show and photograph session, of course we need to full our tummy to boost our energy for the coming pamper sessions. Thanks Good Friends cafe for sponsoring the delicate light refreshments.
 The Seedweed Spicy Tuna on Cucumber Canapes

 The Tamarind Prawn in a Spoon
 The Fried Organic Tofu with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
 The Mini Lemongrass Chicken Sliders with Beetroot Burger Bun
 The Raspberry Macaroons
The Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese

After having some delicious refreshments, Chency and I ran off to the fitting room to get our bathrobe on, we left our make up behind as we thought we may have some facial sessions.
Jeng Jeng my naked face zzzz *like a ghost*

This was a first event for me that's full of ladies, and it's really crowded and all the counters have quite limited spaces. Quickly ran to the Manicure part as there's an empty place xD

After the manicure session, I redeemed a mask from TT Mask Malaysia. Always heard of TT Mask have awesome masks but never tried them at once, luckily here's a chance for me to try out. Will do a review on the mask soon :)

Pedicure shouldn't be missed after manicure!
This is my first experience on pedicure, OMG it's great LOL, so enjoyable. But I felt kinda bad letting people to touch my feet, seems disrespect.

Thanks Choulyin for snapping this picture for me.
 Loving the scrub, it's so comfortable. Honestly I have never scrub my leg once in my life. *embarassing* there's some marks and bruise on my feet wtf

Here's Kahmon and Chency, they were doing pedicure as well.
This is the result after pedicure! The color suits my Havaianas Flip Flop huh xD

After some pampering parts, camwhore parts shouldn't be missed out! As you know, we girls, extreme self loving LOL. Thanks Fotobox for always preparing such a lovely "selca machine'' for us and the props!
Non-stop camwhoring and we have instant photos as souvenir as well!
 Souvenir #1
Souvenir #2
Own selfie now :3
 KahMon, Janice and Me, Janice with her casual outfit, not wearing bathrobe :(
 Kahmon showing off her bit tummy and I just wanna ignore her stupid act, actually I was pretending that I am a giraffe.  xD
 Well, I looked like an ostrich, stretching my head.

 Here's a kiddie with her big Havaianas flip flop! So adorable, it's even bigger than mine lol
Chency roared like a cat with her Havaianas dummy and Hello kitty bathrobe, sexy baby.
 Here's Alice with her super lovely Kimono. I bet she won the best-dressed.
 She was having a penguin dance here haha, no lah...she don't dare to do anything that damage her manicure actually.

 Props that we stole from Fotobox, to camwhore ourself. Loving them so much, so cute. I hope I own one of them.
This is Audrey, a new blogger friend I made during Spa Party! Thanks The Butterfly Project for bringing us, all the blogger closer! I have so much fun! And goodies! Thanks to all the collaborators! The Body Shop Malaysia, So soft so Johnson, Salvatore Ferragamo and OnlyBeauty!

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