Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tool and Tutorial on Creating Tear bags.

Yay! Etude House has came out with a new invention! Guess what?
It's Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker!

In my previous post, I did plastic surgery part2 , I have mentioned that using make up skills (eye shadows) to create a pair of fake eye bags, which is the Aegyo Sal (tear bags), a trend in Korea! Somehow, by using eye shadows and skills, it may cause some imbalance as we can't manage to apply the same amount of powder for both eyes and it's kinda tough huh. You can weigh the powder that you apply indeed lol. But now, with Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker, things will never go wrong!
The design and packaging is so cute and adorable, in pink! It's in a pencil size like eyeliner pencil with a color on each side + twisted cover, so that the cover won't fall out so easily. 
To prevent you guys mix up with both colors, they are so sweet that noted step 1 and step 2 for application purposes. Open it up and it's some kind of round small puff which is soft and spongy.

For step 1, it's light brown color.

 For step 2, it's shimmery beige color.

Here's the way on how to apply both step 1 (brown) and step 2 (shimmer beige).
Apply step 1 to create a shadow from the direction of inner corner of eyes to outer corner of eyes.
Apply step 2 above the shadow line using the same direction above.
Apply 2-3 times to make it more obvious.

In 2 steps and you have created a pair of tear bags! Easy peasy.
Here's a photo of before and after application. The eye bags look so much natural and balance. There's an addition of cuteness and innocent.

 This is how it looks under sunlight.
It's a great invention! Don't forget to try it out! You can get them at any Etude House outlet.

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