Thursday, August 15, 2013

Freeeeeze @Ice Factory #2

As promised in the previous post, I have tried on something new again at Ice Factory! All the ice beverage that we ordered are kinda mango-licious this time.

This is Golden Stairway (RM10.90). This mango shaved ice comes with white chewy pudding, bite-sized mangoes and mango-flavored ice ball! The shaved ice is as soft as cotton candy, it can easily melt and spreading the sweet and sour mango's taste all over the mouth. Highly recommend this!

This is Golden Snow Flakes (RM9.90). It's mouth watering shaved ice topped with mango syrup, mango-flavored ice ball and pieces of one-bite mangoes! Every mangolicious things work harmoniously like an orchestra, playing a mango symphony lol

Lastly, this is Ice Awesome Cream (Rm12.50)! A combination of waffle topped with honey + ice cream balls in fruity flavor + fruits + strawberry sauce! Dipping the waffle with strawberry sauce makes everything perfect wtf , with the sweetness of honey and some sour taste from the sauce! Feel so amaze that the ice cream balls are flavored with guava, mixberry, strawberry and there's something chewwy (like jelly) in it! Not so monotonous huh.

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